The Expected Feature We Didn't See Yet For Ubuntu 18.10

While Ubuntu 18.10 is set to roll out this week with its new theme and an assortment of package updates and other enhancements, there is one feature Canonical previously talked about for the Ubuntu 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" cycle that we have yet to see made public.

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GCC Is Preparing To End Support For Solaris 10

Solaris 10, what may will argue as the last "good" Solaris operating system release before Sun Microsystems fell under control of Oracle, may soon see its support deprecated by the GCC compiler stack.

8 Hours Ago - GNU - Fond Solaris 10 Memories - 4 Comments

15 October

Mesa Vulkan Drivers Move Ahead With PCI Bus Info, Calibrated Timestamps

With this weekend's release of Vulkan 1.1.88 stealing the show was the Vulkan transform feedback capability to allow projects like DXVK to support Direct3D's Stream Output functionality. But besides VK_EXT_transform_feedback, there are other extensions also being worked on for Mesa ANV / RADV Vulkan driver coverage.

15 October 08:55 PM EDT - Mesa - New Vulkan Features - Add A Comment Might Formally Join Forces With The X.Org Foundation is already effectively part of X.Org given the loose structure of, the key members/administrators being part of both projects, and long being the de facto hosting platform from the X.Org Server to Mesa and much more. But now they may be officially joining forces.

15 October 12:32 PM EDT - X.Org - + X.Org - 8 Comments
Another Change Proposed For Linux's Code of Conduct

With the Linux 4.19-rc8 kernel release overnight, one change not to be found in this latest Linux 4.19 release candidate are any alterations to the new Code of Conduct. The latest proposal forbids discussing off-topic matters while protecting any sentient being in the universe.

15 October 06:58 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Linux Kernel CoC - 51 Comments
DragonFlyBSD Lands Another NUMA Optimization Helping AMD Threadripper 2 CPUs

DragonFlyBSD lead developer Matthew Dillon has been quite impressed with AMD's Threadripper 2 processors particularly the Threadripper 2990WX with 32-cores / 64-threads. Dillon has made various optimizations to DragonFly for helping out this processor in past months and overnight he made another significant improvement.

15 October 05:30 AM EDT - BSD - Threadripper 2990WX - 4 Comments
KDE Frameworks 5.51 Released

KDE Frameworks 5.51 is out today as the latest monthly update to this collection of KDE libraries complementing Qt5.

15 October 05:17 AM EDT - KDE - KDE Frameworks 5.51 - 10 Comments

14 October

Wine-Staging 3.18 Released With Some New Patches While Other Code Got Upstreamed

It has been a very exciting weekend for Linux gamers relying upon Wine for running Windows titles under Linux... There was the routine bi-weekly Wine 3.18 development release on Friday but yesterday brought transform feedback to Vulkan and in turn Stream Output to DXVK to fix up a number of D3D11 games. Today is now the Wine-Staging 3.18 release.

14 October 07:08 AM EDT - WINE - Wine Staging - 5 Comments

13 October

12 October

A Look At The Windows 10 October 2018 Update Performance With WSL

As the first of our Linux vs. Windows benchmarks coming around Microsoft's Windows 10 October 2018 Update, today we are exploring the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) performance to see if they have finally managed to improve the I/O performance for this Linux binary compatibility layer and how the WSL performs compared to Ubuntu and Clear Linux.

12 October 10:55 AM EDT - Operating Systems - 9 Comments

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