Linux 5.4 Dropping Support For The Itanium IA64-Powered SGI Altix

While Linux 5.4 is bringing a new driver to help SGI systems back to their Origin boxes, this kernel meanwhile dropping support for the SGI Altix that is newer than the some of the Origin systems. SGI Altix being removed from the Linux kernel is the latest in the path for winding down Itanium (IA64) support.

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16 September

16-Core HoneyComb LX2K ARM Workstation Looks To Offer A Decent Performance Oomph

When it comes to ARM-powered workstation boards there hasn't been a whole lot to get excited about with the likes of the Socionext 96Boards Developerbox being quite expensive and not yielding good performance or featureful boards compared to alternative Intel/AMD/POWER workstation/enthusiast boards. One of the more promising ARM workstation boards we have been following is the HoneyComb LX2K (formerly the "ClearFog" board) and it's looking like it could end up being a decent offering in this space.

16 September 11:34 AM EDT - Arm - HoneyComb LX2K - 21 Comments
GNU Linux-libre 5.3 Continues Deblobbing & Dealing With Firmware Trickery

Hot off last night's Linux 5.3 release, the GNU folks have this morning released GNU Linux-libre 5.3-gnu as their downstream flavor of the kernel that strips out support for loading proprietary kernel modules and the ability to load binary-only microcode/firmware files, among other steps for aiming at a pure free software kernel.

16 September 09:07 AM EDT - GNU - GNU Linux-libre 5.3-gnu - 18 Comments
Radeon RADV Vulkan Driver Tackling NGG Stream-Out

One of the areas the RadeonSI OpenGL and RADV/AMDVLK Vulkan drivers have had a challenging time promptly support with AMD Navi GPUs has been the NGG (Next-Gen Geometry) functionality but it's slowly getting worked out.

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The State Of Qt Quick Vulkan Support With Qt 5.14

Of the exciting changes so far for Qt 5.14, one of the big ticket items on the path to Qt 6 is the experimental implementation of Qt's new graphics API independent scenegraph renderer. Rather than being limited to OpenGL, Qt 5.14+ can target Vulkan, Direct3D 11, and even Apple's Metal API for rendering.

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15 September

Intel's Gallium3D Driver Is Running Much Faster Than Their Current OpenGL Linux Driver With Mesa 19.3

Last month I did some fresh benchmarks of Intel's new open-source OpenGL Linux driver with Mesa 19.2 and those results were looking good as tested with a Core i9 9900K. Since then, more Intel Gallium3D driver improvements have landed for what will become Mesa 19.3 next quarter. In taking another look at their former/current and new OpenGL drivers, here are fresh benchmarks of the latest code using a Core i7 8700K desktop as well as a Core i7 8550U Dell XPS laptop.

15 September 12:44 PM EDT - Display Drivers - 12 Comments
Mesa Vulkan Drivers Now Tracking Game Engine/Version For Handling More Workarounds

Currently the Mesa OpenGL/Vulkan drivers have relied upon matching executable names for applying game/application-specific workarounds. But with Vulkan as part of the instance creation information and VkApplicationInfo it's possible to optionally advertise the rendering engine and version in use. The Mesa Vulkan drivers are now making use of that information to allow for more uniform workarounds.

15 September 09:22 AM EDT - Radeon - Game Engine Workarounds - 4 Comments
How Google's Android Maintains A Stable Linux Kernel ABI

While the Linux kernel is well known for not offering a stable API/ABI, Google and other enterprise Linux distribution vendors tend to aim at providing their own stable ABI for the lifespan of their products. Google engineers talked in Portugal this week at Linux Plumbers Conference 2019 about some of their means to maintaining a stable API/ABI for Android's Linux kernel.

15 September 08:37 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Stable Kernel ABI - 45 Comments
Fedora Is Beginning To Spin Workstation & Live Images For POWER

If you are running the likes of the Raptor Blackbird for a POWER open-source desktop and wanting to run Fedora on it, currently you need to use the Fedora "server" CLI installer and from there install the desired packages for a desktop. But moving forward, Fedora is beginning to spin Workstation and Live images for PPC64LE.

15 September 08:19 AM EDT - Fedora - Fedora Workstation For PPC64LE - 6 Comments

14 September

An Alternative exFAT Linux File-System Driver Based On Samsung's sdFAT

While the upcoming Linux 5.4 kernel cycle is finally bringing a driver for Microsoft exFAT file-system read/write support, it's dated on an old Samsung code drop that has seen little public work over the years. Since queued for staging-next, there has been a big uptick in clean-ups and other activity, but there also exists another alternative out-of-tree exFAT Linux driver.

14 September 10:25 PM EDT - Linux Storage - exFAT File-System - 20 Comments
The Linux Kernel Is Preparing To Enable 5-Level Paging By Default

While Intel CPUs aren't shipping with 5-level paging support, they are expected to be soon and distribution kernels are preparing to enable the kernel's functionality for this feature to extend the addressable memory supported. With that, the mainline kernel is also looking at flipping on 5-level paging by default for its default kernel configuration.

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13 September

Linux 5.4 Bringing Support For Lenovo's "PrivacyGuard" On Newer ThinkPads

Newer high-end Lenovo ThinkPad laptops feature an option called "PrivacyGuard" for restricting the usable vertical and horizontal viewing angles of the LCD display, similar to what has been achievable previously using film covers and the like. With Linux 5.4 this feature will be supported by the kernel if concerned about others looking over your shoulders at your screen, etc.

13 September 01:41 PM EDT - Hardware - Lenovo ThinkPad PrivacyGuard - 7 Comments
Fwupd 1.3.1 Released With GNOME Firmware 3.34

Richard Hughes has released GNOME Firmware 3.34, his new project formerly known as the GNOME Firmware Update as an alternative interface outside of GNOME Software for managing firmware updates on Linux. Additionally, Fwupd 1.3.1 is out with the newest firmware updating bits.

13 September 10:22 AM EDT - GNOME - Linux Firmware Updating - 4 Comments
DigitalOcean Continues Working On Linux Core Scheduling To Make HT/SMT Safer

With Hyper Threading continuing to look increasingly unsafe in data centers / shared computing environments in light of all the speculative execution vulnerabilities exposed thus far particularly with L1TF and MDS having no SMT-secure mitigation, DigitalOcean continues working on their Linux kernel "core scheduling" patches so they can still make use of HT/SMT in a sane and safe manner.

13 September 07:59 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Sibling Core Scheduling - 13 Comments

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