Working Intel CET Bits Now Land In GCC8

A few days back I wrote about Intel's work on Control-flow Enforcement Technology beginning to land in GCC. This "CET" work for future Intel CPUs has now landed in full for GCC 8.

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21 October

GNOME 3.27.1 Released

GNOME 3.27.1 is out as the first development milestone in the road to next March's GNOME 3.28 desktop update.

21 October 02:53 PM EDT - GNOME - GNOME 3.27.1 - 3 Comments
Mining Monero On The CPU & Ethereum On The GPU

Following his recent article about Mining Ethereum With AMD Threadrippers Paired With Four RX Vega 64 GPUs, Phoronix German reader Thomas Frech is back with another guest post. This time he's talking about his adventures about mining the Monero crypto-currency on the CPU while using the GPUs for Ethereum mining.

21 October 12:30 PM EDT - Hardware - Monero-Ethereum - 15 Comments
Ubuntu Developer Gets Mir Running On Fedora

Lead Mir developer Alan Griffiths has spent the time getting the Mir display server running on Fedora. This is part of a broader feature request of getting Mir running on more Linux distributions than just Ubuntu.

21 October 06:38 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Mir On Fedora - 13 Comments

20 October

Intel Graphics Performance: Ubuntu 17.04 vs. 17.10

Given the Ubuntu 17.10 release this week and its massive desktop changes from GNOME Wayland to Mesa/kernel upgrades, we've been busy benchmarking this new Ubuntu OS release. Complementing the Radeon Ubuntu 17.04 vs. 17.10 gaming comparison are now some OpenGL/Vulkan benchmarks when using Intel Kabylake graphics hardware on Ubuntu 17.04, 17.10 with X.Org and Wayland, and the performance if upgrading against Linux/Mesa Git.

20 October 11:00 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - 6 Comments
Intel Wires In EGL Context Priority Support For Their Mesa Driver

With the Mesa 17.3 branching being imminent, it's a very busy week for open-source graphics driver developers from all the major organizations as they try to land their last-minute improvements for this next quarterly and final Mesa stable update for 2017.

20 October 08:33 AM EDT - Mesa - EGL_IMG_context_priority - 1 Comment

19 October

AMD EPYC 7351P Linux Performance: 16 Core / 32 Thread Server CPU For ~$750

Earlier this week we looked at the EPYC 7251 Linux performance as AMD's lowest-cost server CPU from this latest generation of Zen-based processors. That eight core / sixteen thread CPU packed a nice amount of performance considering its hitting the $500 price point, but if you are looking for a single socket system and have $750 USD to lay out on a CPU, the AMD EPYC 7351P packs in even more value.

19 October 11:07 AM EDT - Processors - 47 Comments

18 October

Radeon GPU Profiler 1.03 Released

AMD's GPUOpen initiative has put out a new release of their Windows and Linux supported Radeon GPU Profiler program for profiling Vulkan (and Direct3D 12) games.

18 October 12:30 PM EDT - AMD - GPU Profiler - 3 Comments
Trying Out System76's Pop!_OS Ubuntu-Based Operating System

Besides Ubuntu 17.10 "Artful Aardvark" launching tomorrow, System76 is also expected to issue their first official release of the Ubuntu-derived Pop!_OS operating system they plan to begin shipping on their laptops/desktops. Curious about their modifications to Ubuntu 17.10, I decided to give the latest snapshot of it a ride.

18 October 11:59 AM EDT - Operating Systems - 18 Comments
A Look At The New Features For Fedora 27

Fedora 27 is now under its final freeze for release in the next few weeks so here's a recap of the prominent changes coming to this next installment of the Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution.

18 October 06:28 AM EDT - Fedora - Fedora 27 - 13 Comments

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