Funtin SFF-8639: U.2 NVMe SSD To PCI-E Card Adapter

With our review this week of the Intel Optane SSD 900P 280GB U.2 SSD there was a discussion in the forums about using U.2 SSDs in desktop systems, etc. If your system doesn't have a U.2 slot, an adapter like the Funtin SFF-8639 makes it easy to pop the SSD into a PCI-E x4 slot.

8 Hours Ago - Linux Storage - U.2 PCI-E NVMe SSD Adapter - 11 Comments
Linux 4.16 Will Be Another Big Cycle For Intel's DRM Driver

We are just through week one of two for the Linux 4.15 merge window followed by eight or so weeks after that before this next kernel is officially released. But Intel's open-source driver developers have already begun building up a growing stack of changes for Linux 4.16 when it comes to their DRM graphics driver.

11 Hours Ago - Linux Kernel - i915 Direct Rendering Manager - Add A Comment

17 November

Linux File-System Benchmarks On The Intel Optane 900P SSD

Earlier this week I presented out initial Linux benchmarks of the Intel Optane 900P SSD with this 3D XPoint memory U.2 solid-state drive delivering incredible performance figures. Those tests were done with EXT4 while in this article are more tests with other mainline Linux file-systems and also testing some of the different mount options.

17 November 11:34 AM EST - Storage - 28 Comments
Microsoft Is Trying To Make Windows Subsystem For Linux Faster (WSL)

In our benchmarks of Windows Subsystem for Linux that allows a Linux environment to run atop Windows 10 via this new WSL kernel subsystem, the performance overall has overall been very good and often performing better than virtualized options. But the main area of poor performance is I/O, except now it's being worked on by Microsoft for greater improvements.

17 November 08:26 AM EST - Microsoft - WSL Faster Performance - 18 Comments
Intel Coffee Lake & Cannonlake Thermal Support In Linux 4.15

While Intel Coffee Lake hardware is shipping already, a few bits of tardy kernel code for these "8th Gen Core" CPUs is only hitting the Linux 4.15 kernel. The Intel DRM driver is most notably enabling Coffee Lake graphics by default in 4.15, but there's also some thermal code now landing among other changes now happening.

17 November 05:35 AM EST - Intel - int340x - Add A Comment

16 November

Intel's Mesa GLSL Shader Cache Is Speeding Up Game Load Times

At the start of the month the Intel i965 Mesa driver finally landed its on-disk shader cache, months after the GLSL on-disk shader cache originally landed in core Mesa and wired up for the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver. While you can't play too many shader-heavy games with current Intel integrated graphics, this GLSL shader cache within Mesa 17.4-dev Git is working well for speeding up load times and does provide some frame-rate benefits in games dynamically loading shaders.

16 November 11:24 AM EST - Linux Gaming - 7 Comments

15 November

Valve + LunarG Open Up Their Mesa Testing Results

As covered back during XDC2017, Valve and LunarG have been working on more extensive testing of Mesa to catch regressions and meticulously spot any performance changes as they occur. That framework is now publicly available to see the results and for developers allows tracking their own Mesa development branches.

15 November 04:56 PM EST - Valve - Public Test Results - 8 Comments
Intel Optane SSD 900P Offers Stunning Linux Performance

At the end of October Intel released the Optane 900P solid-state drive as their new ultra high-end performance SSD. Windows reviews have been positive, but what about using the Optane 900P on Linux? It's working well and delivers stunning NVMe SSD performance.

15 November 01:29 PM EST - Storage - 42 Comments
VC4 & VC5 Drivers Get More Fixes Ahead Of The Holidays

Eric Anholt at Broadcom has continued his spree of bringing up the next-gen VC5 Linux graphics driver stack while also continuing to maintain and improve upon the VC4 driver most commonly associated as being the open-source GPU driver option for the Raspberry Pi.

15 November 05:41 AM EST - Mesa - Broadcom Open-Source GPUs - 7 Comments

14 November

OpenGL 4.2 Support Could Soon Land For AMD Cayman GPUs On R600g

David Airlie is looking to land OpenGL image support in the R600 Gallium3D driver that would be enabled for Radeon HD 5000 "Evergreen" GPUs and newer. For the HD 6900 "Cayman" GPUs, this would be the last step taking it to exposing OpenGL 4.2 compliance.

14 November 07:27 PM EST - Mesa - Image Support For Evergreen+ - 20 Comments
Stereoscopy/3D Protocol Being Worked On For Wayland

Collabora consultant Emmanuel Gil Peyrot has sent out a series of patches proposing a new (unstable) protocol for Wayland in dealing with stereoscopic layouts for 3D TV support but could be used in the future for VR HMDs, etc.

14 November 02:00 PM EST - Wayland - Wayland 3D - 2 Comments
Linux 4.15 Is Off To A Busy Start

As expected, the Linux 4.15 merge window is proving to be very action-packed with a lot of new code being queued for this next kernel release and we are less than 48 hours into this two week cycle.

14 November 07:28 AM EST - Linux Kernel - Linux 4.15 In 48 Hours - 6 Comments
Intel Batch Buffer Logger Updated For Mesa

Intel's Kevin Rogovin has been working on a "BatchBuffer Logger" for the Intel graphics driver that offers some useful possibilities for assisting in debugging/analyzing problems or performance penalties facing game/application developers.

14 November 02:35 AM EST - Intel - BatchBuffer Logger - 2 Comments

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