Linux 4.15 I/O Scheduler Tests: BFQ, CFQ, Kyber

With some BFQ performance fixes included as part of Linux 4.15 along with other I/O scheduler work and block improvements for this latest Linux kernel series, here are some fresh benchmarks of the different I/O scheduler options using the Linux 4.15 Git kernel.

9 Hours Ago - Storage - 10 Comments

9 December

You Can Now Easily Send/Receive SMS Messages From The KDE Desktop

A long-standing KDE initiative that hasn't received as much attention as it deserves is KDE Connect for allowing KDE to interface with other devices -- namely smartphones -- for being able to display phone notifications on your desktop and more. A new KDE Plasmoid makes it easy now to send/receive SMS text messages.

9 December 12:14 PM EST - KDE - KDE Connect SMS - 24 Comments
AMD Begins Posting More KFD Patches For Discrete GPUs

For the past number of months AMD has been working on upstreaming more KFD changes, AMDKFD is their kernel driver to the HSA compute stack. AMD began with upstreaming their APU changes while now they have finally moved onto their "dGPU" changes.

9 December 09:00 AM EST - Radeon - AMDKFD dGPU - 18 Comments

8 December

7 December

Running OpenCL On The CPU With POCL 1.0, Xeon & EPYC Testing

This week marked the release of the long-awaited POCL 1.0 release candidate. For the uninformed POCL, or the Portable Computing Language, is a portable implementation of OpenCL 1.2~2.0 that can run on CPUs with its LLVM code generation and has also seen back-ends for its OpenCL implementation atop AMD HSA and even NVIDIA CUDA. I've been trying out POCL 1.0-RC1 on various Intel and AMD CPUs.

7 December 02:48 PM EST - Software - 18 Comments
David Airlie Continues With Holiday Improvements For R600g

Last month Red Hat developer David Airlie landed shader image support and other GL4 extension work for the R600 Gallium3D driver that is used for older, pre-GCN AMD graphics processors. For those still relying upon these aging GPUs, David Airlie is continuing with improvements on R600g this month.

7 December 05:54 AM EST - Mesa - Vintage R600g - 36 Comments

6 December

Running FreeBSD 12, TrueOS On AMD EPYC

Back in October I did some basic tests of the BSDs on AMD EPYC while now with having more of our extensive Linux testing of AMD EPYC complete, I went back and did a few fresh tests of the BSDs with an AMD EPYC 7601 processor housed within the Tyan Transport SX TN70A-B8026.

6 December 11:29 AM EST - Operating Systems - 10 Comments
Red Hat Plans To Deploy Next-Gen Stratis Storage For Fedora 28

When we heard of RHEL deprecating Btrfs with Red Hat losing hope in this feature-focused Linux file-system, we were relayed word that Red Hat was planning for their own Stratis project for next-gen Linux storage. Stratis is now expected to ship in preview form for Fedora 28.

6 December 08:20 AM EST - Fedora - Stratis Storage - 45 Comments

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