19 March

Qt 5.13 Beta Released

The first beta of the Qt 5.13 tool-kit update is now available for testing. The Qt Company still hopes to ship Qt 5.13.0 in May and for that to happen they will be issuing multiple betas until they are ready for the release candidate phase.

19 March 09:12 AM EDT - Qt - Qt 5.13 - 5 Comments
DragonFlyBSD Looking To Pursue 64-Bit ARM Port With Code Bounty

While NetBSD has more than a half-dozen tier-one supported architectures and dozens more of tier two ports, DragonFlyBSD has been largely centered on x86_64 since their dropping of 32-bit x86 a while ago. Arm has largely remained off their radar but there seems to be some growing interest around seeing DragonFlyBSD on AArch64.

19 March 05:24 AM EDT - Arm - DragonFlyBSD AArch64 - Add A Comment

18 March

OpenXR 0.90 Released For AR/VR Standard - Monado Is An Open-Source Implementation

Last year we were expecting The Khronos Group to introduce OpenXR 1.0 for this standard to address fragmentation and provide interoperability in the VR space followed by AR. That debut last year didn't happen although they did show off the first demonstration at SIGGRAPH. This week though at GDC they are announcing the OpenXR 0.90 provisional specification release.

18 March 09:00 AM EDT - Standards - OpenXR 0.90 - 9 Comments

17 March

Nouveau NIR Support Lands In Mesa 19.1 Git

It shouldn't come as any surprise, but landing today in Mesa 19.1 Git is the initial support for the Nouveau Gallium3D code to make use of the NIR intermediate representation as an alternative to Gallium's TGSI.

17 March 01:44 PM EDT - Nouveau - Nouveau NIR In Mesa 19.1 - Add A Comment

16 March

The Lima Gallium3D Driver Is Aiming To Be Merged In Mesa

While there is the Panfrost Gallium3D driver that has been advancing rapidly within mainline Mesa for Arm's Mali newer Midgard/Bifrost architectures, the Lima driver might finally see the light of day in mainline Mesa for Mali's older 400/450 series graphics engine.

16 March 11:14 AM EDT - Mesa - ARM Mali Driver - 4 Comments

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