Windows 10 WSL vs. Linux Performance For Early 2018
Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 22 February 2018. Page 5 of 6. 18 Comments

This is our first time testing the Hackbench kernel scheduler benchmark with Windows Subsystem for Linux. With this testing VirtualBox was the fastest of the options tested on Windows 10 albeit still significantly slower than the bare metal results. Docker trailed VirtualBox while WSL was in a distant last place.

There wasn't much to see from the OpenSSL results with effectively the same performance out of Docker and WSL but VirtualBox leaded to much lower performance.

With PostgreSQL, Ubuntu on VirtualBox showed the fastest performance but this was another case where VirtualBox wasn't properly syncing to the disk but the other configurations were. The WSL overhead was obviously quite noticeable in this benchmark, but it will be interesting to see how much Microsoft can tune the WSL I/O performance in 2018.

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