AMD Ryzen 7 Performance On Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Six Linux Distributions
Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 7 April 2018. Page 5 of 10. 30 Comments

The GraphicsMagick OpenMP performance was much faster on the Linux distributions.

Windows Server 2016 came in slower than Windows 10 again when it came to the 7-Zip compression benchmarks.

Clear Linux was the fastest at C-Ray multi-threaded ray-tracing while Debian Testing, Ubuntu 18.04, and Antergos 18.3 came in slower than Windows Server.

The Primesieve Prime benchmark ran about the same speed on all tested platforms.

No real differences in the Y-Cruncher Pi benchmark except for Debian testing being slower.

With the AOBench renderer, Clear Linux was the fastest while CentOS was the slowest Linux distribution but still faster than Windows.

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