More Benchmarks Showing How Gallium3D With RX Vega Smacks AMDGPU-PRO's OpenGL Proprietary Driver
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 14 August 2017. Page 5 of 6. 33 Comments

OpenArena is rather CPU bound, but anyhow the results are very much in favor of RadeonSI except for slightly higher peak frame times.

Tesseract is one of the few games resulting in hangs right now for the RX Vega hardware but works fine on Mesa 17.3-dev with previous generation Radeon GPUs.

Xonotic sides with RadeonSI.

GLmark2 performs slightly better with RadeonSI over AMDGPU-PRO.

GpuTest was the other test case resulting in stability issues right now with Vega on RadeonSI. But I'm sure Marek or another AMD developer will have it figured out in the days ahead.

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