Ubuntu Developer Summit 12.10 Recap
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- The Ubuntu graphics bug count is on the rise. The X.Org plans are fairly standard from the Ubuntu camp.

- Canonical thinks they are going to ship a Wayland-based system compositor in Ubuntu 12.10. I view this as being extremely unlikely to be accomplished and I still do not see them accomplishing much with pushing Wayland/Weston until at least Ubuntu 13.04. They also still do not provide any upstream contributions to Wayland/Weston to further it along.

A really odd Google party at UDS-Q...

- Ubuntu Friendly wound up being a flop. Additionally, their CI / performance / regression testing efforts throughout Canonical continue to be very fragmented and a big mess. I've now lost count how many times I've heard "Checkbox rewrite", "fork of Checkbox", or entirely new test suites/infrastructures be developed for each team. It happens at least a few times each cycle. There is also other fundamental issues (and the usual Canonical N.I.H.) that will prevent the adoption of their testing software outside of Canonical and overall makes me cringe at every UDS and crave good beer.

Lederhosen, toe shoes, and good beer for a quick talk about Ubuntu test automation with the Phoronix Test Suite and OpenBenchmarking.org.

- There was a quality problem at UDS-Q.

- Btrfs will continue to be available in Ubuntu 12.10, but it is not yet ready to replace EXT4 as the default Linux file-system.

- There is more forking, merging, and Compiz changes happening.

- Ubuntu TV is growing ambitious plans.

- Ubuntu will continue to use Upstart with no plans to switch to systemd.

- A GNOME flavor of Ubuntu is likely to be introduced.

- Pertaining to Ubuntu's Jockey, the third-party driver handling will be advanced.

- Ubuntu is looking at using Mono's ahead-of-time compiler for better start-up performance, better memory usage, and greater performance.

- Plans were discussed to eventually support the Linux x32 ABI.

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