VirtualBox Is Still Running Slower Than QEMU-KVM
Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 9 January 2014. Page 2 of 5. 22 Comments

There was a lot of noise with the AIO-Stress run on the Seagate hybrid solid-state hard drive, but the QEMU-KVM results game in a bit behind the bare metal results while trailing noticeably behind was Oracle's VirtualBox 4.3.4.

VirtualBox 4.3.4 was the clear-cut winner in FS-Mark disk benchmarks, but it seems that VirtualBox is now ignoring requests for synchronizing writes to the disk or using some means of caching. The VirtualBox results were faster than the results when running Ubuntu Linux directly on the hardware, likely due VirtualBox ignoring fsync or other potential workarounds for delivering faster virtualized disk performance at the cost of data safety.

VirtualBox 4.3.4 was trailing the bare metal and QEMU-KVM results for Compile Bench on the Core i7 4960X EE system running Ubuntu.

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