Ubuntu 12.10 Sets To Make ARM Even Stronger
Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 6 June 2012. Page 4 of 7. 17 Comments

With the Sparse Matrix Multiply testing of the C-based SciMark 2.0, it is an infrequent case where the performance actually regresses from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 12.10 base as of 5 June. However, at least most of the other computational sub-tests for SciMark were still in front with Ubuntu 12.10. This Sparse Matrix Multiply regression with Ubuntu 12.10 2012-06-05 still puts it ahead of Ubuntu 11.10.

The Dense LU Factorization and Jacobi Successive Over-Relaxation tests for SciMark 2.0 were also rare regressions for Ubuntu 12.10.

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