Intel Xeon Silver 4108 + Tyan Tempest HX S7100
Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 13 October 2017. Page 2 of 6. 9 Comments

The Xeon Silver 4108 basically comes down to being an eight-core / sixteen thread processor priced just above $400 USD. I bought this 4108 in order to provide for more comparison points in some upcoming EPYC reviews and found it for $430 USD shipped. While it's 8c/16t, the base frequency is rather low by today's standards at 1.8GHz while the turbo frequency is up to 3.0GHz. Though with this configuration they were able to have this model squeeze within a 85 Watt TDP rating.

The Xeon Silver 4108 also features two UPI links, 11MB of L3 cache, support for up to 768GB of ECC DDR4-2400 memory across its six memory channels, 48 PCI Express 3.0 lanes, and among the extensions supported by this Skylake-based CPU are AVX-512, AVX2, TSX-NI, AES-NI, and all the other usual expected candidates.

Physically the LGA-3647 processors are huge, like AMD SP3/TR4 (EPYC and Threadripper).

The Xeon Silver 4108 paired with the Tyan Tempest HX S7100 has been working out well in my tests thus far. No Linux compatibility problems to speak of, which is certainly expected given its server/workstation focus.

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