Benchmarking A 10-Core Tyan/IBM POWER Server For ~$300 USD
Written by Lauri Kasanen in Computers on 21 March 2019. Page 3 of 8. 105 Comments

Onto the benchmarks. Rodinia is a multithreaded benchmark, so the 8-core being only so far behind the 44-core POWER9 is a welcome surprise. The result for the quiet fans shows there's clear throttling, so sadly the cooling is not quite adequate.

The 7-zip results are unexpected, with the quiet fans actually getting a higher result than default. Other than that, it's clearly not performing well on POWER8, since the first up ThreadRipper has just 12 cores, though slightly higher in frequency.

Losing in the per-watt results as well. However the new fans use massively less power, dropping the average to 261 W from 464!

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