Core i9 7900X vs. Threadripper 1950X On Ubuntu 17.10, Antergos, Clear Linux
Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 12 September 2017. Page 2 of 4. 42 Comments

With Rodinia, Clear Linux is much faster on both Threadripper 1950X and the Core i9 7900X than Ubuntu 17.10 or Antergos. Antergos this round is slower than Ubuntu 17.10. Threadripper in the LavaMD test is faster than the Core i9.

The CFD solver results were interesting in seeing about the same performance across the tested distributions while the Threadripper performance was impacted greatly by the varying Linux configurations. Funny enough, when using Clear Linux the Threadripper system is now faster than the i9-7900X.

The Streamcluster results varied quite a bit too, but the 7900X system remained the fastest.

FFTW was seeing the fastest performance on Ubuntu with Threadripper but for the Intel Core i9 processor Clear Linux was delivering faster performance.

Or with a larger FFTW size, Clear Linux had a slight lead with Threadripper while the i9 favored Ubuntu this time.

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