Rise of the Tomb Raider Linux Performance On AMD Radeon GPUs
Written by Michael Larabel in Linux Gaming on 19 April 2018. Page 2 of 4. 39 Comments

First up are the 1080p results with low quality settings.

With 1080p low quality settings while the GCN 1.0 era Radeon HD 7950 and R9 270X graphics cards did run with RADV when using AMDGPU DRM, their performance is quite slow. In some scenes you will find their FPS dip down to ~40 frames per second. Though there is still the "lowest" preset available too if really trying to make a playable experience for this Vulkan game on these original GCN graphics cards.

At 1440p low quality settings, it was the Radeon RX 580 that really set the minimum for a good performance experience of generally above 60 FPS and minimums around that level.

Though if you want to enjoy this Vulkan-powered Tomb Raider Linux game port at 4K using open-source graphics drivers, it really only leaves Vega as being a decent contender but even still in some situations you may be dipping below 60 FPS.

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