SilverStone NightJar 450W
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The body of the SilverStone NightJar 450W power supply is made of aluminum, but it is not a solid surface. The sides are essentially just a sturdy honeycomb mesh while the surface at the top of the power supply is grated and thicker, but still designed for effective heat dissipation. While fan-less, the power supply looks like a normal power supply besides all of the grated surfaces for providing extra airflow. Unlike some other fan-less power supplies we previously have looked at, the NightJar does not depend upon any heatpipes, is not larger to accommodate a greater heat dissipation area, nor does anything protrude from the rear side for offering greater heat dissipation.

At the bottom of the power supply is the SilverStone sticker showing this power supply was made in China, has 35 Amps on its single +12V rail, 15 Amps on its +5V rail, and the combined load for the +3.3V and +5V rails is 130 Watts. The continuous power rating for this power supply is 450W while the peak output is 500W. At the rear of the power supply besides the power connector and switch are two LEDs for indicating power and whether the internal temperature of the power supply is too high. The designed operating temperature for the NightJar 450W is 30°C. The MTBF rating for this power supply is 100,000 hours at 25°C with full load.

The connectors on this fan-less power supply include one 20+4-pin motherboard, one 4+4-pin EPS12V/ATX12V, one 6-pin PCI Express, one 6+2-pin PCI Express, six Serial ATA, six 4-pin molex, and two 4-pin floppy power connectors. Each of the cable strands is about 550mm long, which is sufficient for a medium or standard ATX chassis. The cables on this SilverStone power supply are also sleeved in a braided material.

The dimensions of this power supply are 150 x 86 x 160mm and the weight is 2.8 kilograms.

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