SilverStone Decathlon 800W
Written by Michael Larabel in Power Supplies on 9 July 2008. Page 3 of 4. Add A Comment


Our test system for the 800W SilverStone Decathlon DA800 consisted of dual AMD Barcelona 2356 Quad-Core processors, AMD FireGL V8600 1GB workstation graphics card, 4GB of Corsair DDR2 ECC Registered memory, Western Digital 160GB Serial ATA 2.0 hard drive, Lite-On SATA-based DVD drive. This system was based around a Tyan Thunder n3600M motherboard, which utilizes a NVIDIA nForce Professional 3600 Chipset. Cooling the system were two 120mm case fans and Dynatron F558 heatsinks on each of the two AMD quad-core processors. This system was housed inside a SilverStone Kublai KL03 chassis. On the software side was Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (x86_64) with the Linux 2.6.24 kernel.

While this workstation system has eight Barcelona processor cores and a high-end ATI graphics card, this system is surprisingly quiet. Once replacing the power supply with the Decathlon 800W, we were pleased that the noise level had not increased. We also hadn't noticed any thermal differences when switching to the Silverstone power supply from the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W. Being satisfied with the noise level and thermal results, we proceeded to test the voltage rails for this power supply. For testing the SilverStone Decathlon while idling we had allowed the system to idle for 30 minutes within the GNOME desktop and running no active processes. Following that, we had stressed the system by running loops of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for the same amount of time. We had then monitored the voltages using a calibrated digital multimeter.

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