SilverStone Decathlon 800W
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Aside from all of the cables being modular, the Decathlon 800W doesn't look very different from the other SilverStone power supplies. The casing is black along with the fan and fan grille. Unlike some manufacturers that use LED fans and a variety of decorative touches for their power supplies, SilverStone has long preferred the conservative route and focusing more upon the performance than the appearance. The 120mm fan at the bottom of the power supply is thermally regulated and uses a single ball bearing.

At the rear of the power supply is a mesh covering most of this end in order to provide adequate airflow without relying upon a fan. In the corner of the Decathlon is the power supply connector and switch. On the top there is a SilverStone logo stamped into the metal. On the side of the power supply is a label showing the specifications for the unit, its serial number, testing certification, and that the unit was made in China. The SilverStone Decathlon 800W (DA800) provides 28 Amps on the +3.3V rail, 30 Amps on the +5V rail, and 66 Amps on the +12V rail. The combined +3.3V and +5V load is 180 Watts and the +12V load is 792 Watts maximum. With Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), the efficiency for this unit is greater than 80%. Unlike some power supplies that offer dual or even quad +12V rails, the Decathlon series goes with the route of providing a single high-performance rail. The Olympia OP650 was one of the first SilverStone power supplies that went with this single +12V rail approach.

The modular connectors on this power supply include EPS12V / ATX 24-pin, four SATA / IDE, three PCI, one ATX 12V 4-pin, and one 8-pin EPS 12V. Each Serial ATA cable has triple heads while the IDE cables are also triple heads and with a single FDD connector at the end. The main ATX/EPS/SSI power connectors are 550mm and 750mm while the IDE/SATA connectors have their first connector positioned 500mm down the cable and 250mm between connections. Each of these modular cables is sleeved with a black nylon braid.

The weight on the SilverStone DA800 is 2.6 kilograms with dimensions of 150 x 86 x 180 mm.

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