Quad-Core ODROID-X Battles NVIDIA Tegra 3
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 21 August 2012. Page 3 of 6. 42 Comments

Starting with Apache, the ODROID-X immediately shines. While all three ARMv7 development boards are using SDHC for storage, the ODROID-X quad-core 1.4GHz system is more than twice as fast as the PandaBoard ES. The Ubuntu 11.04 sample file-system on the Tegra 3 that isn't hardfp binaries and using the older GCC release shows its age with the dual-core OMAP4460 SoC running faster thanks to its newer software stack.

The ODROID-X was obviously much faster too at compiling code with GCC.

With C-Ray, one of our favorite multi-threaded tests at Phoronix, the ODROID-X easily outperformed the Tegra 3 Cardhu and PandaBoard ES.

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