Samsung 870 QVO SSD Performance On Ubuntu Linux
Written by Michael Larabel in Storage on 29 July 2020. Page 2 of 5. 19 Comments

Surprisingly for the application start-up time test, the Samsung 870 QVO 1TB was behind that of the Samsung 860 QVO 1TB unit. This was seen multiple times and generally the performance of the Samsung 870 QVO in this test comparable to that of the Crucial BX500.

For running the SQLite embedded database library test on this SSD, the performance was much better for the Samsung 870 QVO. The Samsung 870 QVO had much stronger performance here than the prior generation QVO model and in fact better than the Samsung NVMe SSD drives tested where we have found them to historically perform rather poorly for SQLite. Any of these SSDs are a hell of a lot better than the Western Digital Green 1TB HDD SATA 3.0 drive used for reference.

For 4K random reads with IO_uring, the Samsung 870 QVO performance was similar to the 860 QVO as well as the Samsung 850 EVO SSD. The performance did come out better than the Crucial BX 500 and obviously the Western Digital HDD.

Similarly, the random write performance on the Samsung 870 QVO was just a tad better than the 860 QVO.

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