The Linux Performance For AMD Rome vs. Intel Cascade Lake One Year After Launch
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 16 July 2020. Page 5 of 10. 7 Comments

The dav1d AV1 decoder saw some of the biggest performance improvements on both servers of the many different workloads benchmarked.

Intel's SVT-AV1 video encoder was seeing some nice performance improvements on the newer software.

The SVT-VP9 performance was seeing improved performance on the Cascade Lake server and in some cases for Rome.

The VP9 encode performance also had some measurable improvements too.

For the better performance with the video encode benchmarks, that's likely due to these tests now being built under the new GCC 10 code compiler.

Update: With the governor change found at the time on Ubuntu in 20.10, some of the performance difference there may also be attributed to that difference compared to the 2019 state.

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