Razer Piranha Gaming Headset
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 4 April 2008. Page 2 of 3. Add A Comment


The Piranha is just Razer's second gaming headset, with their first being the Barracuda HP-1, which we had previously reviewed. The design of the Razer Piranha is rather conventional for them and in fact they were a bit smaller than what we were expecting for being a Razer product. The headphone cups are smaller than what is used on the Barracuda HP-1 and other professional gaming headsets, which concerned us at first, but after using them, we were satisfied with their size and performance. The ear cushions are made of a soft fabric, which felt fine though there was some added pressure against the ears compared to other headphones.

The microphone for the Razer Piranha is on the left ear cup and is able to swivel 90 degrees. The microphone is also able to bend somewhat, but sturdy enough to prevent it from being broken if thrown into a LAN party bag with other computer peripherals. On outside of each headphone cup is a Razer logo that illuminates blue when connected to a USB port.

The headset band is padded comfortably and the sides are able to adjust depending upon your head size.

The cables running from the Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator include 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks along with a single USB port for providing additional power. These cables are quite long, which is good if you don't have any front-panel audio jacks on your PC, but unfortunate in the respect that they will be tangled quite easily. It would have been ideal if the cable length was retractable or the length was shorter but with extension cables included. The volume controller has a small clip for attaching to your shirt or jacket and the controls include a microphone on/off switch and a volume controller. Unlike the Barracuda HP-1, there is no DVI connection on the Piranha for connecting to the digital audio source on the Barracuda AC-1.

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