Razer Lachesis 4000DPI Mouse
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The Lachesis is Razer's newest top-end mouse with the sensor being twice as accurate as its second-fastest mouse (the Copperhead), nine buttons which is two more than any other Razer mouse, 1000Hz ultra-polling, Razer Synapse, and other special features. Like the other Razer mice, the Lachesis is black and its scroll wheel is white. The curves of this mouse are also unconventional like most "normal" optical mice on the market.

Starting on the bottom of the Razer Lachesis there is the product and serial numbers for the mouse along with word that this 3G laser sensor has a patent pending by Razer. However, what is important on this side of the mouse is the profile button. This is used for switching between the profiles created by the Razer software for the button configuration, sensor settings, etc. However, Razer does provide no software for configuring the mouse under Linux. So this button will be a bit useless until they do such or until there is a third-party program supporting the Lachesis. Like the other mice with Razer Synapse, there is 32KB of internal memory on this mouse that is non-volatile and allows the users to save their profiles to the mouse rather than to that system. In other words, if you use this mouse on a different computer, the saved profiles will go with you. The feet on this mouse are made of soft Teflon.

The Razer Lachesis has an ambidextrous design with it being symmetrical on both sides it should suit you whether you are left or right handed. On both sides are two buttons right next to each other. Without modifying anything but just using the generic mouse driver, but just through xev for monitoring the X events, the two buttons on the left hand side are recognized as buttons eight and nine. However, neither button on the right hand side is emitting an event when pressed.

At the top of the mouse are the usual two buttons with the scroll wheel in the middle. Immediately behind the scroll wheel are two more buttons but of a much smaller size. These buttons by default are used for increasing and decreasing the sensitivity of the mouse. When plugging the mouse into a Linux system, these two buttons will work for sensitivity adjustment just fine. However, they cannot be reprogrammed for other tasks nor are they recognized as an X event.

When plugged in, the scroll wheel illuminates white and the Razer logo where the palm rests is white while fading on and off. The Windows software for the Razer allows the user to customize whether the mouse is illuminated, but alas, we have no official support on Linux. The cord for the Razer Lachesis is over two meters long and is designed to be tangle-free. Like the other Razer mice, there is also a gold-plated USB connector.

Above are pictures showing a number of Razer mice including the Lachesis, DeathAdder, Krait, Diamondback, and two of the Copperhead mice.

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