Open-Source Win: RADV Trades Blows With AMDGPU-PRO Vulkan In F1 2017
Written by Michael Larabel in Linux Gaming on 4 November 2017. Page 3 of 4. 38 Comments

First up was 1080p with ultra low image quality settings. These first results left me jaw-dropped. The open-source RADV driver developed outside of AMD is blowing past the official AMDGPU-PRO Vulkan driver! No wonder Feral "officially" supports RADV for this game but not AMDGPU-PRO. With some of the cards there is very noticeable difference but for most cards, the RADV driver is roughly 15~20% faster.

With high quality settings at 1080p, the RADV driver was still leading and this is also where the RX Vega 56/64 cards on AMDGPU-PRO were leading to lock-ups. The RX 580 is 28% faster with RADV while the R9 Fury is 16% faster with this Mesa Vulkan driver.

When pushing the Radeon graphics cards to ultra high image quality settings, the RADV and AMDGPU-PRO results were much closer in performance with the GPUs being busier. Though here the best performance still sided with RADV by a few frames, not to mention the AMDGPU-PRO + Vega woes.

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