The Phoronix Guide To Oktoberfest 2011
Written by Michael Larabel in Events on 16 July 2011. Page 4 of 5. 37 Comments

Should you find yourself intoxicated at Oktoberfest, there are many security personnel patrolling each tent to remove drunken patrons. If you're drunk but not causing fights, causing problems for the servers, excreting any fluids or solids, becoming offensive, standing on tables (it's only permitted to stand on the benches and having one foot on the table), and are overall behaving, you should be fine.

For those interested in the 2011 Phoronix meet-up, the logistics for it are still being worked out for a large gathering. However, I will be there everyday of Oktoberfest. Like in past years, everyday I celebrate Oktoberfest in the Augustiner tent. In particular, it's the area between the kitchen area and the water closets, right along the edge and not as far as the bandstand.

Within the area of the Augustiner tent where other colleagues and I reside, a waitress named Susie or a waiter named Günther serves the tables. If asking Susie or Günther for "Michael", they should be able to direct you to where I sitting/standing. You can also contact me in advance or find me on Twitter. As usual, anyone who purchases me at least a liter of Augustiner at the event receives a free year subscription to Phoronix Premium.

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