FreeBSD/PC-BSD 10.3 vs. Linux Benchmarks
Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 8 April 2016. Page 2 of 3. 10 Comments

First up with the SQLite embedded database benchmark, PC-BSD 10.3 was much faster than all of the tested Linux distributions. PC-BSD 10 defaults to ZFS while the tested Linux operating systems were using EXT4 and CentOS 7 was using XFS. The vastly different compiler stack of PC-BSD 10.3 may also have a role on SQLite's performance as shown by past Phoronix benchmarks.

With the Himeno computational benchmark, the Linux distributions using the newer GCC 5 / GCC 6 compiler stacks were out in front while CentOS 7 with its older GCC4-based compiler was the slowest Linux distribution and then PC-BSD 10.3 was in last.

With the C-Ray multi-threaded ray-tracer, PC-BSD 10.3 was performing in the middle of the OS group.

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