OpenJDK 14 Has Some Performance Improvements But OpenJDK 8 Still Strong
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 20 March 2020. Page 2 of 5. 45 Comments

First with stressing the Java graphics pipeline with the Java 2D benchmarks, the text rendering performance steadily improved up until version 12 before regressing in 13 and dropping further in 14, putting it at similar levels to OpenJDK 8.

Java 2D's image rendering performance is largely flat but with a very narrow lead for OpenJDK 14 having the best performance there.

With vector graphics meanwhile the numbers were virtually tied.

With the very basic Java SciMark micro-benchmarks, OpenJDK 8 was by far the fastest and since OpenJDK 9 through 14 the performance is basically flat. OpenJDK was running at about 88% the speed of OpenJDK 8.

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