NVIDIA 2013 Linux Graphics Driver Year-In-Review
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 18 December 2013. Page 3 of 7. 1 Comment

Now it's time for our annual benchmarking of the major driver releases from 2013...

For this year's roundup I decided to use the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN (GK110) graphics card. The driver wasn't supported until the 310.51 release in March, but since it is a very powerful GPU and my only other option would be going back to an older GeForce GTX 680, I decided to use the TITAN.

In order to maintain compatibility with the NVIDIA Linux drivers from early 2013 due to Linux kernel and X.Org Server changes, I installed Ubuntu 12.10 x86_64 with the Linux 3.5 kernel and X.Org Server 1.13.0. The system used for this entire driver testing was a Core i7 3770K "Ivy Bridge" system.

The tested 2013 NVIDIA Linux drivers included the 310.51, 313.26, 313.30, 319.23, 319.60, 319.72, 325.08, 331.13, and 331.20 driver releases. This range of drivers was limited by those having support for the GeForce GTX TITAN and were working reliable on the test system. Some of the minor driver updates in each of the 313/319/325/331 series were pardoned from testing if it was simply a small bug-fix update.

All benchmarking was handled via the Phoronix Test Suite.

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