How Nouveau Compares To NVIDIA's Linux Driver When Kepler Re-Clocking Works
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 27 November 2015. Page 2 of 3. 23 Comments

With the very basic OpenArena game, the latest Nouveau code allows for about 65% the performance of NVIDIA's official driver on the GTX 680 when it's fully re-clocked. With the GTX 780 Ti the performance is much worse as there's still some re-clocking issues with this card / video BIOS.

With the Tesseract first person shooter, the GTX 680 is more than 80% the speed of NVIDIA's official Linux driver.

With the Unigine Valley tech demo the Nouveau performance is reported to be greater than the closed-source NVIDIA driver, but there was a difference in rendering quality. With NVIDIA's Linux driver the rendering quality was much greater than shown by the Nouveau driver.

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