MSI GeForce GT 1030: A $70 Passively-Cooled Graphics Card, Decent With OpenGL/Vulkan/OpenCL/VDPAU
Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 25 May 2017. Page 8 of 10. 28 Comments

Next up are some OpenCL tests with the Darktable RAW photography software. There is also a CPU run with the i7-7700K for reference.

Darktable with the GeForce GT 1030 can still be faster than just CPU-based operations and still came ahead of the older Kepler and Fermi parts.

But it did end up being slower in some operations, with not all Darktable tasks scaling well with OpenCL.

Overall though, the GT 1030 was decent compared to the raw CPU potential of the i7-7700K for Darktable.

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