Testing 60+ Intel/AMD/NVIDIA GPUs On Linux With Open-Source Drivers
Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 4 June 2014. Page 4 of 13. 21 Comments

When it comes to the open-source AMD Linux support, it's at least better than Nouveau since there's a handful of developers employed by AMD to work on the driver full-time. While there's the open-source group within AMD, they don't have nearly the same level of resources as Intel's large group within their Open-Source Technology Center. AMD developers have at least been making lots of headway the past few years and the open-source AMD Linux driver is becoming increasingly usable. With performance improvements over the past year, many Linux gamers are even able to use this driver instead of Catalyst for Linux gaming.

While progress is being made, it's not without some regressions and other bugs in the open-source AMD stack:

Radeon X1800XT - The Radeon R300 Gallium3D driver that supports through the (R500) X1000 series is very mature. However, with a few tests, such as Tesseract, there was poor rendering when testing the X1800XT (R520) graphics card.

Radeon X1950PRO - The Radeon X1950PRO was reporting "failed to schedule IB" DRM errors during some of the tests.

Radeon HD 2400PRO - This R600 graphics card quickly encountered stability problems during OpenGL testing, bad rendering, and DRM errors relating to "fence wait failed" and "radeon: failed testing IB on GFX ring."

Radeon HD 2600PRO - The HD 2600PRO graphics card ran into "ring 0 stalled" errors / a GPU lock-up.

Radeon HD 2900XT - The system would hang after booting.

Radeon HD 3650 - Similar to the ring 0 stalls / GPU lock-ups with the older R600 GPUs, the Radeon HD 3650PRO (RV670) graphics card encountered the same issues.

Radeon HD 4870X2 - There is no open-source CrossFire support and it's a very low priority work item for the open-source AMD Linux developers.

Radeon HD 5750 - The system would lose its display after a while of testing.

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