macOS 10.12 Sierra vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Benchmarks
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When running the PostgreSQL database server with the Macbook Air, macOS was much faster. Here with the Mac Mini and HDD storage, the mostly RAM test had macOS still running ahead while the on-disk tests showed similar performance between the operating systems. The fastest on-disk result was actually with the Clang-built binary on Ubuntu Linux.

And lastly the basic OpenGL test case...

Similar to the HD Graphics 5000 on the MacBook Air, the Iris 5100 graphics on the Mac Mini were fastest on Ubuntu 16.04 with its stock Mesa driver. It's nice to see at least the macOS Sierra OpenGL performance did improve over OS X 10.10/10.11.

Well, those are the results when testing macOS 10.12 Sierra and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my two available modern Mac systems, the Haswell-based MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

For the most part the results weren't too unexpected. Overall, the performance of macOS Sierra and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS were relatively close on these two Apple systems. There were though a number of outliers where some tests prefer GCC to LLVM/Clang (but then again, also some tests that did better with Clang) and then a few cases that were outright interesting and could be worth exploring by those with more time available. Some of the more interesting results were the good PostgreSQL numbers out on macOS and good SQLite performance while struggling in the other disk/file-system tests due to the journaled HFS+ file-system. The timed compilation with ImageMagick also favored macOS over Ubuntu with GCC or Clang. Ubuntu Linux was also much faster in the OpenGL performance now for Haswell, at least with the limited test case available.

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