GCC & LLVM Clang Performance On The Intel Atom
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 1 December 2010. Page 5 of 6. Add A Comment

With the 7-Zip compression test, LLVM 2.8 Clang on the low-power Intel Atom netbook was slightly faster than GCC 4.4.5 but slower than GCC 4.5/4.6.

The 32-bit LLVM 2.8 Clang did better on the Intel Atom than the 64-bit tests on the higher-end Intel/AMD systems when it came to the LAME MP3 encoding performance.

With FLAC audio encoding, the most recent GCC 4.6 snapshot by far produced the fastest FLAC binary while the speed of the Clang-produced binary was on par with GCC 4.5.1 and earlier releases.

The x264 H.264 video encoding performance was virtually unchanged across the six compilers.

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