NILFS2 Against Btrfs & EXT4 On Linux 3.2
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 15 December 2011. Page 2 of 3. Add A Comment

Kicking off with the Compile Bench initial create benchmark, EXT4 delivered the best performance here by a significant margin. EXT4 was very fast while Btrfs -- even with its SSD optimizations being enabled by default -- was running at 59MB/s compared to EXT4 at 94MB/s. NILFS2 meanwhile was just at 49MB/s.

With the "compile" test of the Compile Bench disk benchmark, the Btrfs performance came in much closer to that of EXT4, but NILFS2 was still far behind.

For the Flexible I/O Tester, EXT4 returned to being much faster than Btrfs while NILFS2 was still in a distant last place.

NILFS2 also struggled to compete with Btrfs or EXT4 in the PostMark mail server disk benchmark.

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