Linux 2.6.30 Kernel Benchmarks
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 28 May 2009. Page 3 of 5. 24 Comments

No major changes were found with the timed MAFFT multiple sequence alignment between the tested kernels.

Moving to the disk-centric test profiles, the IOzone 4GB write performance improved with the Linux 2.6.30 kernel. The Linux 2.6.28 kernel had an average write speed of 51.63MB/s, which dropped to 50.92MB/s with the Linux 2.6.29 kernel, and then jumped to 56.66MB/s with the Linux 2.6.30-rc7 kernel. In the Linux 2.6.30 kernel are various file-system performance improvements, which are clearly helping with this large file write performance.

While the 4GB write performance improved on Linux 2.6.30, the 4GB read performance was unchanged.

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