Ubuntu 20.04 + Linux 5.5: Fresh Benchmarks Of AMD EPYC Rome vs. Intel Xeon Cascade Lake
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 13 February 2020. Page 8 of 9. 17 Comments

Here is a look at the performance-per-dollar for the tests carried out based upon the current retail pricing. One outlier is the Xeon Platinum 8253 at the moment selling for $4,000 USD even for refurbished models due to limited availability and that being well above the ~$3100 suggested price by Intel.

The Xeon Silver 4216 and Xeon Gold 5218 were competitive in performance-per-dollar for some workloads, but overall the AMD EPYC 7302/7402 were coming out with better value over Cascade Lake in most of the benchmarks. The EPYC 7502 and 7642 were delivering much better value than the Xeon Platinum 8253 at its current elevated retail pricing.

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