Linux 5.2 + Mesa 19.2 Performance With Polaris/Vega/Vega20 vs. NVIDIA On Ubuntu 19.04
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 26 May 2019. Page 2 of 5. 19 Comments

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive even at 4K is hardly demanding on today's higher-end graphics cards, but here are the numbers for those interested. It does show that there still is room for more RadeonSI Gallium3D optimizations for Vega 20 with the Radeon VII performance coming short of the RX Vega 64.

Batman: Arkham Origins is one of the benchmark-friendly Steam Play games running on Linux and being rendered on Vulkan using DXVK. Here the Radeon VII is performing well as it should with even coming out ahead of the RTX 2080. The RX Vega 64 meanwhile was short of the GTX 1080.

DiRT Rally 2.0 is another Steam Play + DXVK game in order to run well on Linux. In this case the Radeon VII was running just ahead of the RTX 2070 while the RX Vega 64 was running shy against the RTX 2060.

With Hitman 2, another Steam Play game on Linux, the Radeon VII returned to matching the RTX 2080 performance.

Even with 4K at medium quality settings, the Radeon VII continued to strike the GeForce RTX 2080 on Linux. The Radeon RX Vega 64 was just ahead of the RTX 2070.

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