Linux 5.0 Kernel Performance Is Sliding In The Wrong Direction
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 22 February 2019. Page 4 of 6. 40 Comments

Next up tests were done on a Dell PowerEdge R7425 dual EPYC 7601 box for seeing how the AMD performance looks with Linux 5.0 over the course of many benchmarks. Tests here were done back to Linux 4.14 as with pre-4.14 kernels, the system was having stability issues, which isn't surprising considering the EPYC platform is relatively new.

When taking the geometric mean of all the tests run there, the Linux 5.0 Git kernel did see a big drop off compared to 4.20. This system too was about 10% lower on the geometric mean compared to Linux 4.20 stable.

Like with the Intel box, the Sockperf throughput performance is certainly lower since Linux 4.20.

Sockperf's latency ping pong test is also getting slower.

As was the latency under load too, but with large variation in those runs.

The Node.js performance was tough to evaluate due to light variation in those results, but when looking at the performance since Linux 4.14, it's certainly slipping lower. AMD hardware hasn't taken nearly the hit from Spectre that Intel CPUs have seen on recent kernel releases.

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