Linux 4.5 AMDGPU/Radeon vs. Catalyst OpenGL Performance
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 27 January 2016. Page 2 of 5. 30 Comments

With BioShock Infinite we see the R9 285 on the open-source driver outperform Catalyst on Ubuntu 15.10! It's by a small margin, but I don't believe we have seen this before, which is only now possible thanks to AMDGPU PowerPlay support for this Tonga GPU. On The R9 290 and R7 370 the performance was about the same on the open-source driver and below where the proprietary driver was performing. The worst of the bunch in terms of open-source performance was the R9 Fury GPU. Even though AMDGPU PowerPlay was enabled, the performance is still much lower than expected.

With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive we also see the R9 285 performance doing extraordinary well and almost on par with Catalyst. The R7 370 is also close to running at the speeds of Catalyst while the R9 290 still has a bit further to go, but at least with being a more powerful GPU it does deliver playable frame-rates. The R9 Fury performance remained problematic here and still shows there's some ways to go with re-clocking.

The open-source performance can still be improved for the DiRT Showdown racing game while the Catalyst results appeared CPU bottlenecked.

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