Fresh Linux 4.16 Kernel Benchmarks With KPTI & Retpolines
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 5 March 2018. Page 2 of 5. 29 Comments

SQLite has become significantly slower after Linux 4.14, but even with Retpoline and KPTI both disabled, it's still much slower on Linux 4.16, so some of the slowdown may be attributed to other block/file-system/scheduler alterations in the Linux kernel.

The random read performance was largely the same during testing.

Random writes with FIO have also taken a dramatic hit with the Linux 4.16 performance even lower than Linux 4.15 and even disabling KPTI/Retpoline on the Intel system didn't help too much.

Fortunately, the sequential read performance was virtually unchanged since Linux 4.14.

The sequential write performance also hasn't really changed either.

But moving over to IOzone is also showing lower performance with Linux 4.16 than even Linux 4.15 and with KPTI and Retpoline disabled hadn't helped in this case.

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