A Look At The Linux Kernel Performance From 4.10 To 4.20 Benchmarks
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 26 November 2018. Page 2 of 4. 12 Comments

With the corrected STIBP behavior on Linux 4.20, the PHP performance is effectively unchanged from Linux 4.10 to 4.20 on this system, at least with PHPBench.

The PHP micro-benchmarks are actually seeing slightly better performance with Linux 4.12 and newer.

The Python performance is another workload initially regressed in Linux 4.20 due to STIBP, but with the latest code the performance is on-par.

The cryptsetup speed does appear to be slightly lower with Linux 4.20 Git.

GIMP is one of the workloads that is slower since Linux 4.15 released at the start of 2018 with the Spectre/Meltdown patches.

Darktable too saw its best performance on Linux 4.12 through 4.14.

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