Intel Nehalem vs. Ice Lake Benchmarks - Including Clock + Power + Thermal Metrics
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 27 November 2019. Page 8 of 9. 21 Comments

Even for "just" running Firefox with JavaScript benchmarks, the performance-per-Watt advantage of the Ice Lake laptop was about 10x. The Dell XPS 7390 was consuming about half the power of the older ThinkPad W510.

Over the course of many different benchmarks run on battery, it averaged out to roughly four times the performance-per-Watt from Nehalem/Clarksfield to Ice Lake.

Under load the Ice Lake laptop had an average power consumption of 19 Watts and a peak of 55 Watts to an average power consumption on the older Core i7 laptop of 46 Watts and a peak of 64 Watts.

But the one area where the older laptops do better is, of course, the CPU cooling potential... The Lenovo ThinkPad W510 is a lot thicker and with a more active fan to expel the hot air unlike the Dell XPS and other ultra-thin laptops of today. Under the same workloads, the Core i7 720QM had an average core temperature of 54 degrees and a peak of 66 degrees while the Core i7 1065G7 had an average temperature of 62 degrees and a peak at 100.

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