Intel Nehalem vs. Ice Lake Benchmarks - Including Clock + Power + Thermal Metrics
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 27 November 2019. Page 2 of 9. 21 Comments

99 different tests ended up being run on the two laptops for comparing Core i7 Clarksfield/Nehalem to Ice Lake... Even some workloads like HPC Challenge, in which case for HPL the Ice Lake i7 was four times faster compared to the ten year old Clarksfield.

In the case of DGEMM, a nearly five fold difference.

When transitioning to more real-world workloads, it's still a multi-fold difference from Clarksfield/Nehalem to Ice Lake as would be expected.

In pulling up some workloads like Intel's Scalable Video Technology AV1 encoder that contains AVX optimizations and other tuning for modern microarchitectures, it's beyond a 10x difference in performance.

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