Intel Xeon Cascade Lake Running Even Faster With Clear Linux - Six Linux Operating Systems Benchmarked
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 5 March 2019. Page 2 of 7. 6 Comments

First up was the synthetic BlogBench program designed to simulate the workload of running a blog web server. In this case the aging CentOS (RHEL) 7 shows its age and much slower performance while Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS delivered the best performance in this instance followed by Ubuntu 19.04 beta.

The synthetic CompileBench program simulating the workload of code compilation saw Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS maintaining a small lead to begin with but when it came back to reading a compiled tree, Intel's Clear Linux platform inched ahead. CentOS 7 remained the slowest of the six Linux distribution releases benchmarked.

With the Rodinia OpenMP-threaded molecular dynamics benchmark, Ubuntu 19.04 Beta and Clear Linux were effectively tied for first place. The distributions on the older compilers were much slower than Clear / Ubuntu 19.04 / Fedora 29.

When it came to the NAMD performance using the reference x86_64 Linux binaries, this scientific workload saw similar performance between the benchmarked Linux distributions.

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