Intel Celeron N3050 Braswell Linux Performance
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 17 July 2015. Page 2 of 4. 6 Comments

First up was the FFTE computational test. Interestingly, the Celeron N3050 Braswell was a little bit slower than the Celeron N2820 Bay Trail NUC... The N2820 is dual-core and runs at 2.13GHz with a 2.39GHz turbo frequency while the N3050 is dual-core with a 1.6GHz base frequency and 2.16GHz burst frequency. It's likely due to the lower boost frequency for the test running slower on the new NUC.

Also worth noting is that the N2820 is made on a 22nm process with 1MB cache and 7.5 Watt TDP while the N3050 is made on a 14nm process with 2MB cache and 6 Watt TDP.

With x264 video encoding, the N3050 came out slightly faster than the N2820 but was behind the Atom Z3735F Bay Trail found in the Intel Compute Stick.

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