Comparing Today's Modern CPUs To Intel's Socket 478 Celeron & Pentium 4
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 8 June 2015. Page 5 of 7. 36 Comments

Next up are the results from the recent Intel Compute Stick testing that also has ARM results.

Surprisingly for Gcrypt, the Pentium 4 C does better than the Intel N2820, Z3735F, and the i.MX6 quad-core A9. However, the Tegra K1, Core i3 5010U Broadwell, and i5 4278U Haswell run better.

With John The Ripper, the old Intel processors fall further behind.

With x264 is where the Socket 478 fall dead last as the x264 is able to make use of modern x86 and ARM instruction set extensions, etc. The Tegra K1 for x264 video encoding was more than four times faster than the Pentium 4.

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