What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 6]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 10 December 2011. Page 1 of 20. 2 Comments

Here's the second to last batch of the 2011 GNOME User Survey feedback. The last dump of the GNOME feedback will come in the next day or two so that we can then move onto publishing the rest of the results of this survey for the other questions.

If you haven't seen already, here is part 1, part 2, and part 3, part 4, and part 5. The size of this sixth dump has been increased in size so that we can get through the rest of this data in a timely manner.

5001: Nothing, I like to be surprised.

Just one thing... Please, keep doing this great job ;)

5002: 1st: Natural browsing through Dash search results.
Pushing down arrow makes it move left, pushing up moves it right.
This is completely annoying! I want Down arrow to move selection down, Up arrow to move it Up etc.

2nd: Removable devices notification pops up on start of computer while something is connected and will never hide unless I click it, which is annoying too.

3rd. Setting up wireless network is somehow strange. I cannot get to settings of given network through the top panel. It just opens some strange network setting Iḿ not used to from GNOME 2.xx

5003: 1) nautilus 2) two 3) pane. remember?

bye bye guys. hello Xfce.

5004: Overall, more/better/simple configuration settings/options.

Gnome shell needs to be more (easily) configurable. It looks nice, I'm excited about where it is going, hopefully ease of customization (as it was with GNOME 2) will not be abandon. I'm getting older and I don't have the time nor desire to code every little thing.

Further, my mother and girlfriend need to be able to use GNOME, which they fair well at, both "love the new look and feel"... "but how do I turn it off?" This is an example of one of the minor details; and this is not a computer question I should be getting a call about at 1 in the morning. You have to hold down the alt key, "That's silly", they say, and I agree with them.

I do realize it is still early for GNOME 3. Looking forward. It looks incredible!

5005: User testing and surveys before forcing changes. GNOME 3 looks great, and I'll give it a go but I think that there is benefits from the older paradym of a 'Start Menu'

You guys ROCK! Please, can you make it faster for older computers or for people who would prefer LXDE because of it's faster 'nautilus'? Nautilus is a monster, please speed it up :)

5006: Create a dev branch off 2.x -- it works fine
I must be able to see an icon for all open apps
I must have an applet that shows cpu activity, mem use and swap use visible at all times

I have tried ubuntu with unity and gnome 3. I have had to reinstall xfce so I can get my work done
Also my 4 year old laptop won't run gnome3 (or even unity 2d) but it runs xfce fast

5007: Better Multi-Monitor Support
Better Themeing
Better support for dark color schemes (Firefox is terrible with this)

5008: None. Just keep up the momentum and positive energy surrounding the 3.0 release.

I love the 3.0 desktop and gnome shell. Finally a real bold move forward. Particularly excited about the design driven development process and the new designed applications that are in the making.

5009: could be more easy to change the default way

5010: 1) Minimize buttons
2) NOTBAD window management
3) Less padding around interface elements

Yeah, scrap GNOME3 or revamp the interface. I get that you're "looking forward" and that I should "adapt" but seriously? No minimize, really just awful window management and on top of that the thing looks like a PlaysKool product with all that interface element padding.

There are better alternatives that not only have these basic features, but allow ME to adapt the UI instead of the other way around. You know, like GNOME2. Which I still use.

5011: could be more easy to change the default way

5012: 1. Stop documents appearing when typing name of an application to run
2. Keep Alt-Tabbing order the same. At the moment when multiple windows in one workspace tabbing order changes. This is disconerting when tabbing back and forth between two windows in two workspaces.
3. Provide a help window with a list of useful key combinations and mouseclicks. There are too many hidden, but useful combinations. Such as middle clicking on a favourite application opens it in a new workspace.

The new workspaces are nice, but simplicity in user interface design means less mouse movement and clicks. Moving mouse to the top left then all the way to the right to switch workspace is not simple.

Eye candy is great for a demo, but when using something daily for several hours it just ends up being annoying, such as shaking windows. Simplicity in design can be elegant, but a minimalist design is always difficult to pull off. Remember the art of genius is making something very complex appear simple.

5013: make it more customizable visually like back in the gnome 2.x days.

5014: - More options to configure my environment
- Persistent FTP connections in Nautilus (it worked well with gnome-vfs)

5015: 1. Better documentation for *developers*

2. Do some more focus on bugfixing and performance

3. Better documentation for *developers*, especially for programmers that do prefer to writing in something else than c, like python. [Some time ago i wrote a simple piece of software to making the life of a friend a bit easier. I feared it would take hours. But reverse engineering the file format of some proprietary software and doing some simple things on it lile search with python was done really quick. Next a simple gtk gui. Took me hours. I have done some pygtk but i decided I want to go with gtk3... So gi was the way to go. I found no usable documetantion for python so I had to go with the c one. Not sure if it was wrong or the python api was just different but it was a lot of guessing, like function that take 3 arguments as per api documentation and return void take one argument in python and return some object. I could go on. Programming for the GNOME platform should be fun. Minimize entry obstacles.]

* Do usability testing. Do listen to user reaction. Do not listen to what they say. Yeah, I am serious.

* Publishing results of a survey before it closes does influence the survey. Some go as far as say it invalidates it. So please don't do that.

5016: Keep aviable Gnome-panel as like as gnome 2
Keep aviable Gnome-panel as like as gnome 2
Keep aviable Gnome-panel as like as gnome 2

Please, keep aviable Gnome-panel as like as gnome 2. Gnome 2 was a best desktop environmen which I ever used, do not kill him.

5017: 1. Stop focusing on tablet/touch-based interfaces with 100px wide icons. More information on screen makes it faster to do tasks. But still make it possible to change the wanted dpi (for more or less), this is a killer feature.
2. Make efficient interfaces instead of conceptual ones, there's no point in having beautiful interfaces if they are painful to use everyday.
3. Focus more on meta-desktop search (Zeitgeist...), that would be really great, with context-based suggestions, automatic desktop creation, and so on.

I'm using gnome 3.2, but with gnome-fallback instead of gnome-shell.
* gnome-shell makes alt-tab a pain to use when using multiple terminals and I'm not ready to change my way of doing things. In addition, metacity basic alt-tab behaviour is just lightning fast and very efficient.
* gnome-shell makes desktop management painful unless keyboard shortcuts are used, same thing when multiple windows are displayed on-screen
* gnome-shell's application menu is slow to use, and findings apps is really hard and requires a lot more mouse actions than with gnome-fallback. (the search feature is handy but you should be able to use the menu without using search because there would be no point in having a menu if you always need to use search).

A better configuration menu is needed, gnome-tweak-tool should be merged and event some more other options added.

5018: PLugin easier

5019: shortcut creation (softawres)

5020: Restore the usability and customizability. Most everything I need to do in Gnome 3 (multiple instances of same app, multiple windows on same desktop, focus-follows-mouse, easy access to uncommon apps) is either impossible or requires multiple steps between keyboard and mouse, and usually waiting for dancing animations before I can find the next mouse target.

Restore focus on making the complex things easy rather than making the easy things entertaining and the complex things nearly impossible. Stop assuming that users will only use one application at a time: a computer is not a smart phone.

5021: 1) Stop Bloat.
2) Stop Bling.
3) Don't make me use the settings editor.

1) Make sure your apps run over a ssh -X connection. E.g. Brasero won't work due to not being to start services. It should be fine if all I want to do is create an iso image from a different room!

5022: Give back all the alternatives for personalization 2.X has versus 3.X.

Remember that the idea is not to dumb down a system in order to make it more usable. Apply a good game's principle: easy to learn, hard to master.

5023: I would like GNOME to be more configurable. GNOME needs to expand on its "graphical beauty". GNOME needs more user input (or needs to listen to more input)

5024: I would like to be able to put my favorite tasks on the top panel.

I would like to be able to position icons where I like on the panel.

Keep menus. I try Unity now and again and then switch back to Gnome and then want to Gnome 2 and then switch to XFCE until the next round of updates and then I start again. Until Gnome 3, I was a Gnome only user.

I know adding useful functionality to a fairly mature interface is difficult. To your credit, most of your users, like me, probably survive with minimal study of documentation. I tend to read the "10 cool things you can do with..." articles. I don't want my computer to work like an iPad or a Mac. I like GNU freedom to use it the way I want.

Finally, I have always liked Gnome. Thank you. I am willing to try whatever you do. I know I may not like it at first, but I will try it.

5025: more config tools

5026: gnome-shell and every retarded change that came with it

bring back "legacy" gnome experience, bring back panel that could actually do something, task list. why did you have to screw everything up?

5027: a USB device management interface would be nice

Gnome 2.x does exactly what I want.
Keeping the 2.x interface as a perminent option would be my only request

5028: Put designers back in role of advisor not God
Bring back options even if only in dconf keys
Stop acting like people who disagree with your decision just don't get your creative genius

See above

5029: Gnome 3. Two was better.

With my aforementioned 32 years experience it took me over 10 minutes to figure out how to get a terminal.
Either I'm really stupid or gnome 3 is retarded.
GO ahead, free shot, but you know it isn't me.

5030: Go back to gnome 2.x
Add minimize, maximize
Add workspace switcher

5031: Give me the interface options from Gnome 2.

Give me the interface options from Gnome 2.

5032: Can't think of anything off the top of my head.

Keep up the good work.

5033: Maybe something about themes. I hate how, with a dark theme, you sometimes get a dark gray font color on a dark gray background.

Only about the future: please don't make it harder than it already is to run alternative window managers like Xmonad in Gnome 3. Keep it modular!

Also, please don't forget about our ~70 year old parents, who have put a lot of energy into understanding and getting used to the Gnome2-like desktop.

5034: gnome as before ... i mean "without" mistakes

5035: 1. Port the window-picker-applet to Gnome 3
2. Fix Bug #625552 (bind mount in glib)
3. Make Gnome 3 fall-back mode the default

I find it very sad that I still can not use all the usefull improvements in Gnome such as GTK+3, or anjuta or the new style of nautilus, which I all like very much, just because I dislike the Gnome Shell and the fall-back mode does not provide the same options as my current gnome-panel in version 2. I will move to gnome3 as soon as I can do everything with the fall-mode gnome-panel that I can do in Version 2 (and that includes window-picker-applet being available).

5036: Stop assuming your users are stupid.
Give back choice and flexibility
Strop trying to be OSX, if I wanted Apple, I'd buy Apple.

Existing code is rock-solid, and does what it does well.

You seem to be producing Gnome for this mythical "Neophyte User", whereas your actual user-base are very technical and competent people. With each new Gnome iteration (and I'm been using since v1) you take away feature after feature. That's not how it should be. You're taking the fun away.

5037: make it less touch centric

look at Unity

5038: I would change the name to dwarf, dwarf are so much cooler than gnomes.

5039: Workspaces:
Persistent workspaces (as many as specified)
Vertical or horizontal scrolling of workspaces

5040: * throw away Gnome3. It's horrible. It's user unfriendly. It sucks.
* provide a proper configuration tool. I hate that Gnome tries to be smarter than me (it aint).
* don't just blindly try to clone MacOSX. Go your own way. It's not Linux, it's not Mac, it's a bastard.

Wake up. What your doing with the Desktop is totally crazy. No other then KDE. Hardly usable for me. Totally unusable for non-IT people.

5041: faster

easier file manager, taskbar

5042: 1. Enable desktop navigation *exactly* the way I navigate in my Browser (eg. mouse gestures in Nautilus).

2. Dropping all unnecessary self-developed applications (Use Pidgin instead of Empathy, Firefox instead of Epiphany, etc.).

3. Add a framework for *generic* integration of tasks I would do using the shell into the desktop (ie. construct and apply simple shell scripts using the mouse).

Gnome 3 seems to be a step backward: I understand the need to make the UI usable with mobile devices.
But, as a desktop-user, I do not understand why I have to obey to a new UI paradigm because of that -- especially if the old one is working fine.
I will try to delay the update as long as I can.. or maybe even migrate to another desktop.

Reading about the design process of Gnome 3, I assume opinions such as mine go unheard. (Decisions seem to be based on a few random samples, eg. "I asked the two people on the Red Hat GNOME Shell team who I knew heavily used the minimize button to try removing it...").

So I fear my typing effort here is quite moot also. :-/

5043: better flexibility with window. Faster reaction time. better native interoperability with windows software/games.

don't mimic Unity or Force choices.. Be for the people by the people.
Stay Free. Create a Great Game that teaches Terminal code to New Comers. The Better terminal code is understood.. the more the young and old will use it and find more choices to do what they need.

5044: Meke better/simply enviroment settings and more customization

5045: - Increase speed when searching for applications / documents

5046: I do not like the file menu being separated from the current window I am working on. For example I have firefox as a smaller window on the right hand side of the screen. To access the File Menu I need to move my mouse to the left hand of the screen. This is stupid and this is why I don't use a Mac.

Great work. However let us configure our desktop how we like it.

5047: 1. GNOME 3 to be just a new version of GNOME 2, ie an evolution based on GTK3.
2. Much, much more customisation and configuration options.
3. Less reliance on Evolution, and more on Thunderbird

More configuration options
Better multitasking
Fix long-standing bugs and annoyances, especially crashes of gnome-settings-daemon on loading Desktop, which has been in every version of GNOME 2 on every distro I have ever tried, and still exists in GNOME 3.

5048: 1) Having the application launcher on the left permanent (not only in Activities mode) and with Docky like feature (new instance of the application with middle clic, auto-hide when covered by a window, …)

2) New instance of the application with a middle click on the icon in the launcher (I don't want to use the keyboard).

3) Oh, and I would like to open a new terminal instance without using the keyboard. Middle-clicking on the terminal icon would be fined.

3bis) Did I tell you that I would like docky features?

1) When doing a UI change, back it up with scientific studies, no self-masturbating designer sentences.

2) Try to make more usability studies.

5049: Make it easier to install extensions
Stop extensions from breaking on update
Fix some bugs

5050: Leave the damn task bars at the bottom and the min/max/close buttons in the standard place - or at least let them EASILY be changed

check out limesurvey next time for your survey needs - it's a bit more polished.

5051: Just one -- possibility to use and configure keychain keyboard shortcuts and to be able to extensively customize the keyboard use of GNOME (GnomeShell). That means from running specific applications to moving, resizing windows, adding and removing desktops etc. That for me is the meaning of "to focus on a task at hand" -- to be able to completely ignore the interface (minimal animation, minimal distraction, no searches -- just executing specific action, preconfigured by user).

From my completely personal point of view:

The weakest part of GNOME desktop for me was it's window manager (metacity at a time). That somehow changed with GnomeShell. The "somehow" means, however, that the concept changed towards a more intuitive and a more congruent desktop, which is the major strong point of GS, but not towards a more "quick" and "usable" desktop from the power user standpoint. By that I mean the position of a user who wants the things to be done completely without _any_ visible interface, i.e. the extensive use of keyboard shortcuts.

One one hand, I definitely understand and support the vision behind GnomeShell and the appeal to a "common user". It is the first time the "revolution" seems to be "done right". But unfortunately it seems it is being done with little reflection of "us", the "power users". I do not think, that configurability and ease of use are irreconcilable. Just let the "best default" be used, but allow for a simple yet functional customisation. In the case of GnomeShell that could mean the possibility of being configurable in the way Openbox is, for example. That mostly means the simple freedom to assign keyboard shortcuts, per-application settings, possibility of using !!KEYCHAINS!! (which are a necesity to being able to properly use emacs as a tool, for example, because there is a need to override some commonly used shortcuts). This, in my oppinion, would be quite enough to render GnomeShell as comfortably usable by both sides -- "power" and "common" users.

Overall, I consider GNOME (the "new" as well as the "old") as best DEs, except for their WM. Given the scope of the whole of GNOME, the task of supporting not only a common user, but also a "power user needs" through the WM (now the WM being GnomeShell) would be a great addition.

(And I understand it is probably not going to happen, because power users are always dissatisfied and will use other WM anyway... ;-))

5052: - Notifications system. So much annoying messages.
- Notification icons. Why are they down there?
- Endorse a poweruser configuration utility (maybe not enabled by default?)

I don't understand the new notification icons/messages mess at the bottom of my desktop.
Also, suspend is not the most common action around here.
In general, decisions on GNOME seem too random to me.

5053: Spend more time worrying about utility and efficiency, and less on eye candy and stop looking at what MS is doing.

5054: 1) More integrated customizing options. The tweak tool is hidden for non intuitive users.
2) Buttons by default with gnome-shell
3) Free Beer

Great Job!

5055: 1) Remove gnome shell or make it an option to remove it and give me a CLASSIC desktop

2) Please put the menus back into the applications. I hate this on MacOSX, and I hate it on Ubuntu.

1) If you are going to keep gnome shell, please make it act like the original GMENU in terms of the categories being there. You have to dig through the "add" apps dialog to see these categories are still in ...

2) Implement a more robust feedback system to avoid making such huge changes without your user base approving in the future.

5056: 1. more stable,
2. a way bigger code-sharing with other FLOSS environments (why there is almost every application once for GNOME and once for KDE? - is there a such big abundancy of volunteers?),
3. a bit more attractive - yet non-GPU-intensive - design (unity panel icons or ubuntu font seems to me being a right way

Thank you for all your effort.

5057: - way to access to aplications
- virtual desktops management
- design

poll user base before for desktop usability

5058: Much more customization (especially dock, default applications)
Hiding less complexity

5059: 1) gThumb by default
2) support with mobile devices such as phones (even via cloud)
3) multimedia over network without ANY effort (DAAP/UpnP)

please do not give up!

5060: 1. Make it easier to do fine-grained tweaking and configuration of every aspect of the desktop environment and save the configuration in a single file that can be shared between computers.
2. Put the system management/tools/settings apps in their own menu and remove them from the Applications menu. It's confusing to mix normal apps with system configuration tools.
3. Buy Skype. No, but seriously, GNOME needs one and only one good voice/video app that works with minimal user configuration.

I like the general direction you're taking with the GNOME Shell GUI. Don't cave in to the people who want the Windows 95/GNOME 2 GUI back.

5061: I always want to have Virtual desktops on both desktops/laptops and plenty of them ....... I don't use a tablet and don't want to be treated as being STUPID.

I always want to have Virtual desktops on both desktops/laptops and plenty of them ....... I don't use a tablet and don't want to be treated as being STUPID.

5062: Make gnome-shell's search faster and more featureful. Like the synapse launcher.
More documentation.

5063: customization aspects, toolbar editing

5064: 1. All windows would be resizable. This of the setting window or the evolution settings window and a netbook. Not a good combination.
2. It would be a desktop.
3. EVERY feature would be configurable. Otherwise it would be there.

No, they wont appreciate em anyway

5065: Undo the changes introduced in version 3.

See above.

5066: 1. Fire the UX designer who came up with Gnome Shell
2. Add back a real panels and proper look & feel preferences
3. Implement the indicators spec, like KDE and Unity did

Please do not ignore all the negative feedback you're receiving from your _current_ userbase to go chase some different sort of users who don't speak simply because they don't exist. You dismiss us as geeks, but I'm not too geeky to appreciate a good UI such as MacOSX, Android or iOS. The Linux desktop has become totally unusable since when Gnome Shell happened.

Before it's too late, stop playing UX designers and just listen carefully to what your users ask for.

5067: 1. Stop hiding things.
2. Stop taking flexibility away.
3. Stop pretending you know more about the interface than the users.

Just stop it.

5068: Where the hell are the power off button, min/max/close buttons, a regular panel with drop down menu? I tried Gnome 3 with Fedora 15 and openSUSE 12.1 beta and i took both of the Live CD's and tossed them in the trash where they belong.

Why did you feel you needed to reinvent the desktop experience? Not everyone likes touch screens or the tablet craze. You had a good product with Gnome 2 and flushed it down the drain to chase a stupid trend to make everything look like a cell phone/tablet. I want a classical style desktop. Something that has 15+ years of proven success. I won't use Gnome 3 unless it has basic stuff like a power off button, min/max/close buttons on windows, a regular panel with a drop down menu.

5069: gnome-shell

gnome shell is a massive regression in usability

5070: Easier themeing
Desktop shortcuts
Taskbar launchers

Integrate themeing the way it was with gnome 2. At least make it easier.

5071: I always want to have Virtual desktops on both desktops/laptops and plenty of them ....... I don't use a tablet and don't want to be treated as being STUPID.

I always want to have Virtual desktops on both desktops/laptops and plenty of them ....... I don't use a tablet and don't want to be treated as being STUPID.

5072: Shut down the gnome-shell, just kill it.

5073: All I know is you guys rock by not letting kde take over, fucking hate kde.

5074: Ban the devs responible for gnome3
Svn revert gnome3-dumbidea r90911-gnome2

So glad you listened to the community who said they didnt want this

5075: more flexible theming (metacity)

decouple evolution

wm flexibility/choice

say goodbye to existing user base after 2.x support in Debian ends

5076: give me back 2.x.
Forget interface for tablet or cell phone.
burn gnome 3.x please

give me back my gnome 2.x and all the control i had before...

5077: They should of left it alone. Not everybody want/likes the notebook look, and unity sucks worse than gnome 3. I ran gnome on my older hardware, and after trying both gnome 3 and unity, now that same hardware runs lxde. Its going to stay that way too.

5078: Configurability - at least GTK theme and font selection.
Hibernate - yes, my laptop hangs when returning from suspend. Please fix the BIOS/kernel bug to support it, or give me hibernate back!
Old Alt+tab was a good to have - but I will try to stick to it for now...

Deliver the [gnome] product as you feel it best fits everyone's need, as you are doing.
But support Gnome Tweak Tool (or similar) for those of us who prefer to have their computer adapt to them, instead of having to adapt to their computer.

5079: gnome shell
right click of mouse
multi windows of the same app, example file manger

I like my desktop as it is, keep your smartphone desktop on your phone not on my desktop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5080: 1) Fix bugs.
2) Strike some balance between trying new ideas and satisfying your users. I really like to see new ideas, I am almost sorry that you have taken so much flack BUT ALSO have a little respect for the needs of your primary users. If you completely alienate your primary user base and get nothing but bad reviews, you will never generate enough excitement to get others interested.

1) Fix bugs.
2) Is it really true that you told a developer that he should just pick the first user on a multi-user system for authentication when changing system services?? Did you really think novice users (or any user) would like having to discover that you have to press alt to find shutdown?? etc.
3) Please continue to be brave, I know it is hard, try new ideas, but please listen when the world talks. You are NOT smarter than the collective opinions of all users.

5081: circular desktop change(next-> end-> first);
compiz active corners in _2_D;
lol cats xterminal (just kidding);

I like your work, but sometimes you exagerate on the "simplify" thing.

5082: Go back to a simple environment!

Let me install my own docks and launchers, I don't like being stuck with one out of the box.

Dash based operations are the devil!

I absolutely loved GNOME 2, but honestly I have been let down by GNOME 3. It seems that too much emphasis has been placed on looking pretty and fancy rather than functionality. GNOME 2 was the best desktop environment I've ever used. Ubuntu was my first taste of GNOME 2 and I was instantly in love. When Unity came around with 11.04 I gave GNOME 3 a try, because I'm not a fan of Unity. I'm now running 11.10, and after another try with GNOME-SHELL I have gone back to unity. Unity feels like it was built for inexperienced users and like a rip off of Mac OSX, yet I still like it better than GNOME 3. On Ubuntu 11.04 I was using the classic environment since I missed my GNOME 2 so dearly. Now that is no longer an option, but Unity has gotten a little better.

Right now I'm considering the switch to Mint 11 to get my beloved GNOME 2 back. I'd like more than anything to stay with Ubuntu, but I just want my old desktop back. Why must Unity and GNOME 3 be so focused on fancy looks and launchers? It's easy enough to put docks and slick window managers on GNOME 2, and I'd prefer that these things be left up to the user. I feel like the new environments are pushing a lot of clunky features down my throat!

5083: The complainers

Keep doing what youre doing

5084: Better documentation on writing extensions, better documentation on establishing productive workflows for new users, work on getting gnome 3 versions of gnome 2 applications to an equal or exceeding level of features - feature parity to old version.

Include a training video with the default installation to walk through the common features and tasks, or include an offline wiki with embedded media to grow an interactive training manual to help new users learn about the new features of Gnome Shell and how to best icorporate it's new features into their workflow.

5085: 1. Silence all the whiners complaining about how they don't like Gnome
2. See above
3. cheesecake.

I'm a linux admin by day and a linux enthusiast by night/weekend, and I love Gnome 3. Keep making Gnome 3 better and ignore the whiners.

5086: I have a 24" screen. Now I have to browse through around 50cm wide strip of application icons to find a program, instead of just choosing it from the menus.

I need a task bar. It is *essential*. I have a 24" monitor, I can afford the display real-estate. At least give me the ability to right click the side ribbon and tell it to be always on, or something.

The bar on the top of the screen is pretty much empty; and yet you've decided to move the application icons to an invisible fading bar on the bottom. Please move it back.

I don't have much hope. It is obvious that whoever designed this interface thought of a netbook or a tablet environment, where it makes sense to have one window on top at any given time. However, I am a desktop user. I have reverted back to the almost-as-usable-as-gnome2 interface. I hope it will get better - obviously, as good as gnome2 would be an improvement.

Much success to all Gnome users who use a tablet. Perhaps they're happy with Gnome 3.

5087: - Panel should have an option to show all open windows, like a traditional task-bar
- Applications menu should should most frequently used applications by default, instead of all applications
- Clicking on the Activities button should default to the applications activity, while moving the mouse to the top-right corner can continue to show all open windows.

Please bring back my minimize button (while implementing a standard task-bar)

5088: 1. Gnome 2 is great, I wouldn't change a thing!

Gnome 3.x is not compatible with my working style. The fewer mouse clicks the better, but Gnome 3 is very mouse/Gnome terminal reliant. I am in the process of investigating LXDE and XFCE because Gnome 3 is no longer meets my functionality requirements.

5089: Better contacts integration
What ever happened to finding and reminding?
Evolution *still* feels slow

It's new and cool and doesn't quite do everything yet, but I bet you can make it do everything!

5090: Memory footprint. Gnome and KDE seem to be racing to match what MS is putting out in terms of 3d widgets which is making them bloat rapidly in terms of resource requirements.

Useability: As well they seem to be sacrificing functionality that previously existed. All the graphical whiz bang in the world isn't worth much if it actually makes the computer harder to use.

3rd: ?

Take a page from OSX. The mac GUI hasn't fundamentally changed in almost 30 years. Just because MS is doing something new and different doesn't mean it's good. 3d desktops sound awesome, but at least so far, they're not being done properly. When a 3d desktop delivers _more_ usability, I'll look at switching, but until it makes a computer easier to use I'll be sticking to a 2d desktop. As well, forcing unity down the throats of users is a bad call. Sure it's a great interface for tablets and touchscreens. But we don't need the same UI from a tablet to a desktop. There are different expectations between them, if there weren't I would've just bought a laptop instead of a tablet.

Bear with me that my definition of usability includes what I expect to be able to do not just as a noob, but as a power user, IT support person and software developer. I like to be able to USE my computer.

5091: 1) make it easier to configure (system preferences, themes, wallpapers, extensions, ...) with more settings

2) improve empathy - chatting (text, voice, video) is crucial nowadays. I'm always embarrassed when people see my half-working empathy (or other messenger of choice). It's not only about things like videochats and file transfer (which I know can be hard to implement due to proprietary protocols), but things like having -- at least -- the standard smilies of different protocols (msn, icq, aim, googlechat, ...) integrated is something simple, but crucial for every day users. Or a single-window chat. I know there's the integrated chat in the shell, but if you really want to chat with someone, you have to use empathy. And empathy is ugly.

3) try to reduce the footprint and wakeups

5092: - Resource usage
- Customization
- Bloated

Stop assuming user incompetence.

5093: Make Gnome 3 suck less. In other words, make it like a desktop and not a tablet. Big buttons, no desktop space? Seriously, what were you thinking?

Revert the UI back to good ol' Gnome 2.

5094: more customization
less flashy
less resources

I use openbox, but i know there is a large demographic that uses gnome. They find it very intuitive, but too simple.

5095: Make GNOME 3 not suck.

Make GNOME 3 not suck.

5096: 1) More configuration.
2) More configuration.
3) More configuration.

I am happy with KDE, but if Gnome was more configurable, I'd consider using it again.

5097: make it fast. make it simple.

listen to your users.

5098: Easiest to find and better documenation of configurati
on. Especially text based configuration.
Better handling of Multiple large screens
More consistent font handling

Forget tablets and netbooks. Court power users

5099: 1) not transitioning to Gnome 3
2) not transitioning to Gnome 3
3) not transitioning to Gnome 3

Further explorations of Gnome 3 via it's implementation in Unity.

Well, sir, I still don't like it.

A very nice little feature in Gnome 2 was the ability to drag and drop objects from webpages to file folders and have the new object in the file folder created with the original's file name and last modified time. I just tried that trick in Unity and find that It won't even drag and drop objects from Firefox to a folder.

I did find that Dolphin in the KDE4 version will drag and drop between web pages and folders but while the file name is preserved the file's last modified time is lost.

A trite thing to most I'm sure but to some this is important stuff.

Again, Gnome 3 / Unity doesn't look to be satisfying my needs but the KDE team may be working their way into that role.

I wish like hell you people could get together and produce one really ubiquitous, easy to use, customize and configure desktop environment rather than trying to continually distinguish yourselves from each other. (I'd quote from Jeff Dunham's character Walter here but there might be minors reading this.)

5100: go back to supporting gnome2 shell as it was. gnome 3 is beautiful but not very usable to me. Such a complete change and way too terse.

Why didn't you learn the lessons of the KDE screw up? I'm not going back to KDE. Unity/XFCE are my options going forward.

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