What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 5]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 4 December 2011. Page 1 of 10. 27 Comments

The GNOME 2011 User Survey is about to end (the survey period was extended as I was out of the office the past two weeks), but here's the latest batch of one-thousand responses about the GNOME desktop. The survey responses in full from the other questions will be published soon.

If you haven't seen already, here is part 1, part 2, and part 3, and part 4.

4001: Stick to GNOME 2 (get rid of GNOME 3, I really don't like it).

Other than that, GNOME 2 is really good, so no big suggestions.

Please make it easy for people to deactivate features they don't want!

4002: keep GHNOME 2 UI

keep GHNOME 2 UI

4003: Far easier means of *returning to default settings, *modification of menus, *access to most gnome settings via GUI

Better abstraction to allow not-computer-savvy users to easily compose, arrange and modify the desktop and controls to their liking without having to become gnome experts. Better ability to create and lock down a desktop arrangement for users who aren't computer-savvy so that it's unlikely they'll "trash" the desktop inadvertently.

4004: Motherfucking task bar that shit.

4005: When I "open file location" from my web browser (or anywhere a similar option exists) I would like to have the file I'm looking for highlighted and possibly have the window automatically scroll to its location if necessary. MS Windows does this, and it's awesome.

4006: Easier, better documented customization.

GNOME 3.x more like GNOME 2.x.

4007: 1) Make window management more streamlined.
2) Stability fixes. I get crashes all the time.
3) Fix the applications menu/make it easier to manage. Seriously.

I am a Fedora user and the only advice I have is that the GNOME team needs to stop getting ahead of themselves on releases. If it's not working on everything it is supposed to work on, don't release it as a stable version.

4008: After launching an application that takes a bit to load, make a transition effect to get rid of the "what just happened" effect.

I learned about the UI from a youtube video that explained things for me. It was after that, that I got it. When I first tried GNOME 3 (Fedora 15 LiveCD), I was a bit lost. If I would have listened to the bitching on Slashdot, I may not have returned. Maybe add a tour for new users at first boot.

4009: I was initially very skeptical of Gnome3 but after some use I love it.

4010: 1. Get rid of Gnome 3.
2. Go back to Gnome 2.
3. Both 1 and 2.

1. What were you thinking when you were developing Gnome 3? You went to an incredible amount of trouble to make something worse than it was before.

4011: * Dumping gnome shell
* Adding features instead of removing them
* More flexibility

gnome 3.X is unusable. It looks nice but reduce considerably my productivity.

4012: Make the icons in the panel menu drag-and-dropable and right click editable

Add some kind of align-to-grid type option for desktop icons

I don't have a third. The other two are pretty petty, anyway.

I love what you do! I prefer Gnome over everything else.

4013: Kill gnome 3 it is a piece of shit.

Gnome 3 sucks.

4014: Restore applets. The empty black bar is wasting valuable vertical-screen space.

Fix Alt-Tab again!!!! Stop grouping windows from one application for all programs, it doesn't work for terminals for example. Actually not sure it work for anything. Don't switch *desktops* from Alt-Tab.

Restore a working focus follows mouse / sloppy focus mode.

Prioritize user productivity.
Ensure easy and quick operation with each of *only* keyboard and *only* mouse.
Restore user configurability (focus mode, active-window color, fonts/sizes, hiding/removing any mandatory 'bars' *applets*!!)
Stop pretending all user are running on tablets (ridiculous window title size and desktop manager at opposite side of screen from location need to access it).

4015: Gnome 3 + Unity really needs a re-boot. Before that, while not pretty, Gnome was doing its job and the biggest issue was with applications utilizing GTK(+).

Gnome 3 + Unity really needs a re-boot - it's an ugly mess of a UI. Before that, while not pretty, Gnome was doing its job and the biggest issue was with applications utilizing GTK(+).

4016: I'd change evolution to thunderbird. I'd stop developing gnome 3.

gnome 3 is useless. 2.x is much easier, faster and more beautiful. I'd rather use KDE than gnome 3. Please, keep supporting gnome 2.x.

4017: 1) Add customization options to change the UI
2) Revert the confirmation dialog options
3) Make it stable.

Fix uninteresting bugs and listen to your users.

4018: Make the classic Gnome interface the default.

Make the installation of other desktop effects elective after installation, do not force them on the user as defaults.

Make installation of Social content apps elective as well, not everyone wants them installed as the default.

None that they would listen to.

It seems that the Gnome devs have all but abandoned those that just want to get things done in as few mouse clicks as possible.
Efficiency has been replaced with unnecessary bling and the community's requests for a return to sanity have been ignored.

As they continue to force what they think are the latest "must have innovations" upon us, I and no doubt countless other users will move to other more reasonable Wm's.

4019: 1) Gnome 3 design. I really really hate it. I hate the "new design" that all desktop UI's are moving to. The "tablet look."
2) Use Gnome 2 as model, keep it. Implement the features that compiz and other 3d window managers by default using the graphics card.
3) What the frick happened to screensavers? I like them.

This whole uppity attitude coming from developers needs to stop. This whole: THIS IS THE WAY IT WILL BE, SHUT UP AND USE IT attitude. You need to realize that pretty soon, people aren't going to be using your crap. I'm about two steps away from KDE and I will remember this behavior from Gnome developers. Many users feel similar.

4020: 1: I would like to see it shipped on computers from major retail chains and online retailers.

2. I would like to see Gnome + GNU/Linux as an OS option from PC manufacturers.

3. I would like to see Gnome + GNU/Linux supplant Windows.

Ignore all the hate. the ones who feel jilted are always the most vocal. 90% of us are ecstatic about the direction of Gnome. We think Gnome 3.0 was great... some bugs, but great. Gnome 3.2 is the kitty cat's pajamas, and I can't sleep at night sometimes thinking about the sheer awesomeness of what 3.4 will bring.

Keep up the great work. Politely disregard the childish whining of the "Why can't you do it exactly like it was done in Gnome 2" crowd. If you want to embrace the future, you gotta let go of the past... If you want to make an omelette, you gotta break a couple eggs.

4021: use less resources
go back to gnome 2, 3 is too weird

i used gnome as soon as i switched to linux on my desktop about 5 years ago. i tried a few others(kde, xfce) but decided on gnome. it wasn't a tough decision. i came from windows xp and gnome was the closest to it. things were great until gnome 3. hated it. now i am using openbox. it is better in some ways. but overall i prefer gnome 2 over openbox.

4022: - I'd allow multiple terminals to be open without a hack (and without having to use the mouse to do it)
- I'd have more options in the settings for power users (that don't want to dig through the dconf stuff)
- I'd have a GOOD 2.x mode.

Listen to your users more. Sure the most vocal may be in a minority, but you don't know it all... sometimes they're not a minority.

4023: 1) GNOME Shell - This treats every desktop as if it were a tablet/phone.
2) Mono - Hefty requirements for something as simple as Tomboy
3) Get GTK up to speed to what Qt is capable of in terms of acceleration, CSS theming ability, and scripting support.

I switched away to XFCE because GNOME Shell looks more appropriate for the netbook/tablet market but it's simply not the interface I want on my desktop. I've grown tired of the non-stop dogma pushed by some GNOME developers, such as the non-sense that being able to minimize an application is somehow distracting. What's distracting to me is being forced to do my (non GNOME related) work a certain way. I want a desktop that gets out of my way and lets me focus on doing my work my way.

I have stayed away from doing any GNOME development because GNOME has lost its cohesiveness and turned into a grab-bag of libraries and applications, some of which are not as good as an alternative. There's Mono, Vala, Clutter, GNOME Shell versus Classic GNOME, pulse audio, and the protracted mess that is Project Ridley.

I've always wanted GNOME to be better than it has been but the current direction has driven me away.

4024: Less flashy
More sleek/less fat
More keybindings/mouse-less usage, as with a tiling window manager such as Awesome.

The thickness of the default theme is gigantic. You should work on it taking a maximum of 1 click to open programs that are used often, if not via simple keybinding. You should implement workflow features such as tiling support. You should help the Xorg team rewrite Xorg (and so should everyone else)

4025: Remove the activities.
Bring back a normal launcher.
Fix the bug with Ati graphics drivers.

The user interface in Gnome 3 is in no way user friendly. I see it as a huge leap in the wrong direction.

4026: 1. More settings.
2. Better compatibility with other desktop environments
3. More efficient use of screen space.

1. Listen to the community.
2. Work with fd.o
3. Don't listen to haters :D

4027: When switching from a dual screen set up to single screen, the icons are rearranged in an unorganize fashion. I would like GNOME to remember the location of the icons on the bars for dual and single screen set ups.

Kudos on the excellent job! :D

4028: Make it more obvious you can right click on the trash icon to empty it. Right now it looks like a program you can open. Putting it on the desktop would make it more obvious you can click on it.

Don't force the tablet UI on me. I use a mouse and keyboard. I like the desktop interface, not the horrible tablet UI one.

4029: GNOME 3 is awful, so I'd go back to the way things were in GNOME 2.
Add more customization options. Try and decrease the memory footprint slightly.

GNOME 3 is awful and has caused me to ditch my beloved GNOME 2 in favor of XFCE. Please fix this, I miss GNOME's awesomeness.

4030: interface better with touch devices please. I have a hp tm2 tablet/laptop and it irks me that the touch screen cant do gestures easily and seamlessly. thank you for taking the time to read this. :D

4031: 1) Restore the ability to NOT have a laptop suspend on close lid.

2) Don't remove choice. This flexibility is what separates open source from the proprietary path. Consider the experienced user case as well as the naive.

3) Keep config files as text representations. Fancy binary tools are rarely available in a broken system.

Fix what exists. New features and UI shakeups are very sexy but you have users out in the real world who like what they have. Don't drive them away by changing Gnome from why they chose it in the first place.

Businesses will tell you: It is difficult to get new customers. Losing them in very simple, and you will very rarely hear why.

Fire this arrogant fool: hadess.

Here's why:

To quote hadess' own blog:

>Why you, the gnome developers, just dont ask users about what their want?

>Why are you breaking your own principles?


4032: It should be more mac like.

4033: Go back to standard alt-tab window switching.
Easier way to open a new terminal window using keyboard.

4034: More configuration/customisation options, but hidden away from average joe user, perhaps with some sort of "advanced control panel" application.

Ability to edit program menu with right-click similar to Linux Mint Menu.

Per-user screensaver options!

4035: I enjoy using Gnome 2. I wouldn't bother changing anything since effort should focus on improving Gnome 3.

I've only played around briefly with Gnome 3.0 and I didn't feel comfortable in that environment. I'm waiting on the next Fedora release to try Gnome 3.2 and will re-evaluate. I have high hopes but I'm not sure if Gnome 3 vision suits my work flow or not.

4036: Small refinements, rather than sweeping changes.
Improve consistency, documentation.
Make things more customizable, orthogonal.

Become more Debian-like. That means slow, solid changes rather than
sweeping ones.

4037: Bring back the menus.
Bring back the panel for open programs. It is too difficult to switch between running programs.
Kill the pop up nagging.

4038: In Gnome 3, I would make it easier to change window decorations and would allow a more traditional "desktop" space (e.g., allow files to sit on the desktop).

Gnome 3 has a really great approach to UI, but I think that it is too locked down in terms of settings. I understand the desire to create a unified experience by limiting what settings a user can change, but I still think that simple things like changing window decorations and colors should be easily performed.

4039: #1 and most import: don't make me hold down "Alt" just to shut down my computer!

#2 Populating the menus (icons and things) in Gnome 2 was slow the first time you opened the menu, bringing up applications through the "super" key in Gnome 3 is slow the first time you invoke it. I would like that to be fixed.

#3 The extensions system with Gnome shell is kind of hackish and unstable. It would be nice if there were sort of a "package manager" layer for extensions on top of gnome shell.

Thanks for the awesome software! Overall, Gnome is a joy to use. Also, despite it's quirks and popular disapproval, Gnome 3 is actually pretty slick. It has a lot of potential but the little things (like holding down alt to shut down the computer) are really ticking people off...

Also, I hope support for the "fallback mode" of gnome-shell doesn't go away anytime soon since I have a virtual machine at work that can't do gnome shell because of hardware accelerated video issues.

4040: Make it lighter, give it more customization options, and possibly make it a bit more like 2.x

Focus on making a usable, if somewhat conventional desktop, with room for user changes. This is not iOS, what I want is a powerful, customizable, and light window manager. Besides perhaps the latter, I had that before Gnome 3.

4041: - better sloppy focus mode (the gnome 2.0 model was perfect)
- system monitor in panel (i'm guessing an extension could accomplish this)

keep up the good work.

4042: 1) The large theme, the title bar looks bigger than the windows taskbar
2) Power management, 'nuff said
3) Maximise/minimise buttons

Try developing something else, Gnome-shell is a deadend in terms of user usability and effectiveness

4043: 1. Make notifications a little more discoverable.

2. Implement Canonical's dbus protocols for global menus and indicators. Unfortunately there are licensing problems that preclude use of Canonical's code itself but the functionality is quite nice, and the method appears to be somewhat documented.

3. Better default theme. While initially neat, the default shell theme seems rather unpolished when compared to some of the third-party themes now available.

If re-evaluating the default theme, there is no need for the shell to be so dark. Understandably, the contrast with the dark shell UI and the bright adwaita theme allows better focus on your actual programs. However, when in the activities overview there is little need for everything to be so dark as that *is* your current task.

Allow for a little bit better customizability. It is understandable that not everything was available for the early releases, but it is somewhat unfortunate to require a third party utility to handle extensions, themes, and fonts in the second stable release.

4044: Always keep Classic Gnome available as it is in 2.x. This could be done by making Gnome 3.0 and future versions more configurable.

4045: Gnome 2.x.
Gnome 2.x.
Gnome 2.x.

Gnome 2.x. No body actually likes gnome 3, it's terrible.

4046: Get rid of the new Gnome Shell.

4047: Get rid of gnome-shell, bring back the plain panels.

4048: 1. More text based/version controllable config (I've hurt dconf can do this, but can't find docs on how)
2. Ability to use other window managers with gnome shell (I use xmonad, but the shell overlay is quite nice)
3. Scriptability with a saner language than javascript (python or ruby, perhaps)

4049: I personally don't like big, crazy changes like GNOME 3.x

4050: - The ability to easily open more than one instance of an application from the launcher
- The Mutter compositor is painfully slow compared to Metacity's (it is faster than Compiz though, congrats). This is mostly why I'm using Unity 2D right now as it's pretty much Metacity...
- Changes to the top bar. Display more useful things in the top bar (i.e. either a task list, or a menubar like Unity). There is way too much unused space IMHO. Be able to easily move things around (I HATE the clock in the center)

Both gnome-shell and unity are very interesting projects (especially enjoying the gnome-do-ish launchers on both; GNOME 3's workspace-creation-on-the-fly), and I'd like to see both succeed... however for everyday usability they're both pretty poor.

4051: Stability, FIRST.
Speed, second.
There is no third.

I like the direction the GNOME team is taking, but it's painful in terms of bugs.

4052: Custom application launchers, application launchers always available, manage multiple terminal instances

4053: The design is beautiful, truly, but the product doesn't fit the workflow styles of it's users, people are having trouble adapting to your vision, either ease the transition or redesign it.

4054: 1. Replace gconf/dconf with text files like dmr intended - any system new enough to handle the accelerated UI can handle the extra tiny bit of disk I/O.

2. Don't make me hold down Alt to find the shutdown button. That's retarded.

3. Make the titlebars in the default Mutter theme a little less chunky. I use GNOME 3 on a netbook with a 1024x600 screen, and it's disappointing to have that much precious screen height taken up by a blank rectangle with two words in the middle.

Please pay no attention to Phoronix, they're a bunch of dick-jugglers.

4055: Don't need the oversimplified desktop. (I am a power user!).
Menus. I want them back and more capable.
Improved multi-monitor.

4056: Gnome 3 SUCKS!

4057: Improved multi-head support: vertically-stacked monitors are fraught with bugs and workspace switching only works with one monitor.

Notifications are too easy to miss. They appear briefly and then disappear until the user remembers to not just look at, but also move the mouse cursor to the notification area in the corner.

UI elements are difficult to find programmatically after they have been added to the display. For instance, how would an extension obtain a reference to the hot corner that triggers the Overview without having to navigate through a large tree of UI elements?

The extension mechanism is, design-wise, easy to pick up and use. It desperately needs documentation, however. What elements make up the shell? How does an extension find what it is looking for?

4058: Gnome 2 is great, but it would be fine to move the top and bottom bars to the side for netbook screens. Please stop the hovering and uncontrolled popups likke in unity. Actions should be controlled by clicks, not uncontrollabe hovers that obscure applications.

Keep Gnome 2. Unity et al are mostly crap.

4059: Go back to gnome 2

Throw unity away, it's worse than what kde4 was when it started. Infact, I dumped gnome and am using kde4. Way better.

4060: stop trying to be osx. It's failing.

4061: - design seriously for more than one environment and one usage
scenario. Gnome 3.0 as shipped is not usable if you have more
than a handful of user accounts on your system and it is quite
hard and inefficient to use if you multi-task and use multiple
applications in more complex ways than 'one per desktop'.

- stopping shipping incomplete software as major releases or at
least tell everyone very loudly to not give it to users.

- allow significantly more user customization and custom
environments than you do currently. You are not Apple,
so please stop imitating them so much. If you want to
have a completely controlled environment, spin it out
as a separate project instead of having it as the only

Of course the real answer is 'Gnome 3 doesn't want me as
user because I am the wrong sort of user for Gnome 3 and
I always will be'. It's a pity; I was happy with a nice
productive Gnome 2 environment on my laptop.

Gnome 3 was shoved out the door and dropped on people in a terribly
half-baked state. It may be good in the future but for now it has
had a hugely poisonous effect. It's also sadly clear that the Gnome
team is purely and simply not interested in anything except a very
narrow environment and sort of user, one that neither I nor our
multi-user environment at work fit into.

4062: Less Apple influence.

New metaphor besides the desktop.

Keep up the good work.

4063: Abandon version 3. Stick to the improvement and integration of features similar to other OS's desktop environments.

4064: 1. I would see GNOME lose the GNOME interface and go back to a sane computer interface. I am no Luddite WRT DEs as you an see by my choice of DE above, but if I wanted an Iphone I would buy one. I can read; why would I need or need an illiterate interface using giant icons instead of words?
2. I would see GNOME go back to greater user configurability instead of lesser.
3. I would like to think that GNOME cared more about it's community and listen to it's /usrs.

Forget the Macs. Forget Ubuntu and Unity. Forget Shuttleworth. Give us a real computing experience.

4065: Better customization. Ease of themes. Get extensions online! :)

Keep up the good work! As long as GNOME does not become a resource hog like other desktop environments, I'll keep using it. I love that the shell is beautiful, useful and does not use up all my resources!

4066: 1. Prevent non-focused applications from grabbing focus.
2. Improve messaging integration (message pops up then I have to make 3 full clicks before I can respond)
3. Launcher is too clumsy

4067: Usability, usability, and usability. It should be easy to view frequently used tools/widgets (update managers, volume, network status, battery status, clock), easy to launch and search for applications, and easy to manage the system.

I think at some point we tried to make GNOME prettier and easier on the eyes. In the process, we may have made it less efficient to use.

The menus have become a frustrating mess that is not even properly searchable. Looking back to 2.32.x, we had elegantly simple menus, a straightforward taskbar, etc.

4068: I have only tested GNOME 3 a few times, I am still using 2.x on my server. I couldn't find the firewall GUI and other system settings in the new menu system. I would like more system settings in an easy to find location.

4069: A lightweight version of GNOME that can run on slower hardware so i can suggest it to more people.

don't forget the terminal users

4070: Have options to hide LVM2 drives or unwanted devices in bookmark lists.

Faster loads and improved caching of thumbnails for browsing.

Kill Unity, so I can upgrade to somehting nicer.

Please stop investing your time into Unity. It's a dead horse.

4071: smaller codebase
fewer dependencies
less wheel re-invention

get slower older computers. make that your development target. the rest is icing.

4072: smaller codebase
fewer dependencies
less wheel re-invention

get slower older computers. make that your development target. the rest is icing.

4073: Only one thing:

When I close the only window I have open on a workspace, I lose desktop focus. This means none of my keyboard shortcuts work until I click the desktop with my mouse. Very annoying, as I prefer to leave my hands on the keyboard.

Please keep maintaining GNOME 2.x!!!!

4074: Add back the minimize button.

Sometimes the icons are ugly.

4075: MORE CUSTOMIZATION. Gnome (2.x) was a masterpiece, I just wish 3 had more flexibility.

Don't stop....believin....
Hold on to the feelin....
Streetlights, people....
Ohh oh oh WOAH!!!...
Don't stop....believin....
Hold on....
Streetlights, people....
Ohh oh oh WOAH!!!
Don't Stop.

4076: 1. More customization of Gnome 3 top bar, particularly the ability to move it to the bottom of the screen.

2. A rethinking of which tasks belong on the main desktop and which belong in the overview. For instance, infrequent tasks such as logging out and switching users, are immediately available from the top bar, but common tasks such as basic window management require a switch to the overview, which breaks my concentration.

3. An easier way to launch multiple instances of the same app.

A more transparent design and development process is needed. Too many important decisions are made by a few developers in IRC sessions where most people will be left out of the loop. More stuff should be posted to mailing lists where everyone can see it and give their two cent's worth.

I believe that much of the outrage about some of the design decisions in Gnome 3 could have been averted if this had happened. Most people who use Free Software want to participate in the process, or at least feel that their voice is heard. When they feel they are ignored and unimportant, they get angry.

4077: Additional hotkeys for window management. Follow window to workspace and fullscreen ala fluxbox for example.

Typethrough in Activities would be a godsend.

An option to automatically lock my screen when my laptop lid is closed. I don't usually suspend when on AC power but if I close the lid I would like my screen locked.

I appreciate that you're experimenting with the desktop experience, but I don't think activities is implemented very well. You've increased the number of mouse clicks to reach the applications menu and not provided a way to access the applications menu via the keyboard. I can enter the activities pane with a hotkey, but once there I'm stuck with your search function or the mouse. Typethrough would be a nice addition.

I'm torn on the activities pane layout. I'm sure that large icons distributed across the screen is a good design for touchscreens, but it does not work well for those of us who don't like to leave our home keys. I find myself launching apps solely from alt-f2.

But, lest I sound ungrateful to you wonderful people who've clearly worked very hard on this software, my complaints above are my only complaints. I really like the new direction you're going and I think with a little tightening of the user experience you'll have something great. Gnome 3 has been rock solid on my machine and, strangely for a desktop environment, unobtrusive. That is a major feat.

4078: Add a "built in" terminal that expands from panels. I believe this may be in GNOME3 but I won't get a chance to try out GNOME3 until later this year.

More customization options, as always.

I would also like the system monitor panel addition to more closely resemble the graphs displayed in the System Monitor application. Once again, I'm unsure if this is different in GNOME3.

GNOME is my favorite window manager; keep up the good work. I look forward to trying out GNOME3 later this year.

4079: More focus on meeting users real productivity & usability needs instead of making it look cool.

Remove Unity.

4080: The Gnome shell would run awesomely with a 1gb nvidia graphics card.

I had to switch from the Gnome shell to the "failover" because any time something went to the notification bar at the bottom, it would ruin the entire experience.

Keep trying to be innovative in what you do.

But don't assume that a "smartphone" / touchscreen method of doing something is the right way.

I feel like too many environments are moving in that direction. I have no need for that sort of interface / design with a 24" monitor.

I think Gnome shell was a happy medium between quick accessibility but good functionality, unfortunately its performance wasn't so great.

Oh yeah, and please allow a better interface to "tweak" the settings. It's getting more and more complex to make changes to the look.

4081: I like Gnome.

I do not want to lose the functionality I have with Gnome 2.32.1 and Ubuntu 11.04.

The new Gnome 3 and Unity seem to be built for people who want their computer to look and behave like a smartphone.

I do not want a dumbed down computer. The worst thing, however, is that I will stop putting Ubuntu Linux on old computers and giving them away.

My motto up until Ubuntu 11.10 has been "Changing the world to linux one computer at a time." Please don't let this be the end of the line for me and Ubuntu and Gnome (with 2.32.1 functionality). Thank you.

4082: Better multi-monitor support

4083: Taskbar, modernize it

Window manager needs a refresh

built in visualizations

Keep in mind that most people still use mice, not fingers....yet.

4084: 1. Give me an official Global Menu like MacOS or Ubuntu's Unity
2. Give me the option to rid the screen of window decorations, or at the very least, give me the option maximized windows without decoration.
3. Make the gnome-shell much more flexible, and easier to customize.

I have a netbook with a small screen. I hate menu-bars and window decoration. I was quite disappointed to see that the Gnome Shell does not have the features I mentioned in question #22. I am further disappointed with the ease of customization of the Gnome shell. Actually, I still cannot figure out how to customize the information displayed by the Gnome shell's Panel-like thingy. I really liked Gnome 2.x and the old panel, the Control Center was nicer, the ability to see CPU usage in the panel (without Conky) was really handy, the simple yet functional nature was very comfortable for me to use. I really think Ubuntu's Unity interface is much better.

4085: Make the terminal have more customization... kind of like the KDE version Konsole.

Make the terminal more features rich like Konsole.

4086: 1, better looking; 2, better user-friendly; 3, The developer needs to listen to the users and kill the annoying unity.

4087: Gnome 3 is what inspired me to switch to Awesomewm

Get your heads out of your asses.

4088: Speed. Never enough of it.
GNOME 3 is still crashy on me, try to fix out bugs.
The other suggestion would be about design, but as i'm not a designer that would simply be a blind guy leading another blind guy. Hire Jony Ive. (Just kidding, and i think he does hardware not software design)

Make it invisible. Good design is when it gets out of your way, so reduce the clutter. Make it all desktop.

4089: No Gnome Shell (Or Fork it. One being the classic Gnome 2 and one being A more "Cutting edge" project)
Tiling options
If Gnome 3 has to stay, much more customizability

4090: 1) Be slightly more lightweight.
2) More uniform operation on different platforms.
3) N/A

Thank You.

4091: 1) More options, less assuming I want it your way. As a developer I probably want it my way. Grandma is using windoze still. You're building a developer OS, keep that in mind.

2) See #1.

3) See #1.

Gnome 3 was a step back. You're only slightly better than XFCE at this point. I want complete control of every option.

4092: Network Manager!!

4093: Completely revert to Gnome 2.

Lower the memory requirements

Make the interface somewhat more keyboard friendly

What on earth were you thinking?! Gnome 3 is a huge step backwards.

4094: Gnome tweak tool and system monitor applet in default install

Ride it out, those complainers will get it.

4095: Listen to the users. Linux represents community driven open source software. GNOME has taken the stance of 'We know better than everyone else, so lets strip you of your freedom to control how your desktop operates."

4096: - Let me customize my taskbars and applets again, please!
- Holding ALT for alernate menus is nuts. Just let me see everything.
- Don't show the top bar on maximized windows, its a waste of space.

Keep up to good work on usability improvements, but please stop alienating your power users. You can't survive without them.

4097: See below.

Please rethink your approach to GNOME 3. The unholy mess you have created has left me with no real suitable brainless DE for my PC. Unity is great on my netbook, but I cannot imagine using it on any screen larger than 1024x600. Hell, I probably would kill myself trying to use it like that. I want GNOME 3 to atleast have a classic fallback option for those users who prefer to use a traditional desktop rather than what ever the hell it is right now.

4098: GNOME 2.x support

GNOME 2.x support

4099: Pulseaudio has never done anything but break my sound, I know sound on Linux is a nightmare and forcing people to use it is the fastest way to fix the bugs but there's only so long I could try to configure it before I gave up and uninstalled Gnome so it would go away.

Accessibility is fine, but customization is sacrificed for it. Maybe I've just been spoiled by E17

One of the big things I liked in Gnome 2.x was how well the Places worked on the bar, I didn't really see how this was replaced at all. I'm sure that was in part due to Nautilus running the desktop, but that's still a feature that I miss.

Gnome 3 kinda broke the stuff that I liked with Gnome 2.x, and changed most other things for the worse.

I run Arch Linux and pretty much the only piece of Gnome I use anymore is Nautilus, which is improved by not trying to start a desktop session automatically anymore.

I'm sure my personal ranking means nothing but you get it anyway: E17 > XFCE > Gnome 2 > xmonad > Gnome 3 > KDE >>>> Unity > Windows >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MacOSX

4100: Go back to the 2.x UI
Fix stability issues

I don't like the new Gnome shell. It looks good but I don't want to have to learn a completely different UI behavior. The old 2.x behavior worked just fine for me and I really don't see any improvement with the new one. I think 2.x had reached a point where it was quite good and just needed improved apps based on it.

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