What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 4]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 27 November 2011. Page 1 of 10. 5 Comments

The GNOME 2011 User Survey is still going on, so be sure to participate, but here is part four of the free-style responses.

If you haven't seen already, here is part 1, part 2, and part 3.

3001: Make it more customizable. The settings are very bare and very little can be changed.

Fix the bugs with ATI/AMD graphics card proprietary drivers. The performance is dreadful on these cards and have forced me to switch to KDE.

Make GNOME 3 more customizable and I will have zero complaints.

3002: While the 2.x series of GNOME have "ripened" in the meanwhile, the tendency to take away options and provide "ease of use" does not only anger long-time users, but also befuddle users who just use there PC for writing letters, managing their digital pictures, surfing the web, reading some mails, play some sudoku or other games. And this is not an assumption: I see it happen, e.g. with my parents who started using computers with Windows 95 a long time ago and have been using GNOME desktops for more than 7 years (managed by my brother and/or myself)

You have been pledged to NOT take away all the options completely from the knowledgeable users when 2.x series started, and the same is happening right now with the 3.x series. Why, the *, don't you just listen and offer a simple switch somewhere in an obvious place that offers the choice of "beginner|average user|pro|hacker demi-god". There are quite a few projects using this successfully nowadays, e.g. VLC, xine (beginner|expert|master of the known universe). And if you introduce it, make it a default feature for all GTK/GNOME programs to have settings like that so a beginner sees the simple version in all programs but a expert can still "dumb down" the settings in a program covering a field where he/she is a beginner. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT DUMB DOWN the system FOR EVERYONE! Thanks for asking.

3003: Allow to group select taskbar items (ctrl+click).
Change some key events to on-release instead of on-press (i.e. windows key to open menu).
Fix the "always move to new position in the task bar" indicators and shortcuts.

I haven't tried gnome3 yet, but please, don't overdo with upgrades. Unity is absolutely atrocious.

3004: remove gimp, improve gnome-menu and configuration applets

keep it as simple as possible but not too simple to be dull and useless.

3005: don't dumb down everything.
don't dumb down everything.
don't dumb down everything.

Yes, Make it easy to use one locale and a different language e.g. Swedish locale and English language. (easy to fix if you known how but it should be common enough to justify to have the mythical Grandma do it). I really really hate getting US date format all over the place. Works in KDE.

3006: Dump this Unity BS

3007: - "ftp chmod" in nautilus
- better ftp auto-reconnection when ftp get disconnected after timeout in nautilus
- that's all

i like gnome 2 because it does not try to be "uselessly-fancy" like kde or windows. It's sober, clear and efficient. Also, it's more evolved than xfce.
Since ubuntu droped gnome 2, i'm lost and don't know which distro to switch to ...
I hope gnome 3 (that i have not tried yet) is not just "fancy" ... demo video looked too much like windows' tv adv.

Anyway, thanks for gnome 2 :-)
and please, add better ftp support to nautilus ! :-)

3008: less clicks to get things done
old multiple desktop functionality
faster nautilus load time

please don't get all hyped about doing macos things, think about how fast it has to be to do things for someone who knows how to do it and does it every single day. Gnome shell is really a work of art, but it takes me much longer to do things. And I miss my sensors applet for one.

And thank you for your work.

3009: Back to gnome 2 would do it for me.

Why break what was working perfectly?

3010: Gnome 2.x was just about perfect for what I use it for. However, in reference to Giddens' 'Structuration Theory' -- that "perfect fit" matched the 'spacetime' of its use. In other words, it worked for me -- in that time -- and in that space. However, my time is moving on and my space will change. I do not know what my changed requirements will be, but I do know that they will change. I would encourage to Gnome team to use their crystal ball to make the best choices -- both "under the hood" and in user interface to anticipate those future needs.

The reason behind the development of Unity appears to be a difference of opinion concerning the architecture of the "modern" desktop. As a user of Ubuntu and one who also appreciates Gnome -- I felt as if my folks were getting a divorce and I had to chose one to live with. Please put emotion aside, and approach the problem from an analytical perspective. I'd like to see a full analysis of the pros and cons and inputs into the new design considerations. Armed with facts, I'll then choose the parent that I'll live with.

3011: The worst part of Gnome 3 and the reason I decided to stay with Gnome 2 is the poor user interface. Unity and Gnome 3 are fine for trying to lure idiots from windows but a Linux desktop environment should be completely customizable and have all options readily available to the end user without searching.

3012: Easier to open a terminal ( gnome 3 )

Quicker to switch windows - Without a task bar I loose windows easily, and its slow to go top right and to get view of all windows.

Ability to change workspace order - not just add workspace at the end.

3013: Faster & use LESS ressources

3014: - More configurability.
- Less annoying tray messages. Some applications are very verbose, there should be a way to 1. mute them, and/or 2. group the messages by application

About the configurability : Gnome was already way behind KDE in that matter and in Gnome 3 this is even worse. Good move with gnome-tweak-tools that add a couple of functionalities, but there is a lot more options that most Linux users want to have somewhere (without editing config files or using gconf-editor).

Don't thread users like children: we may like Gnome's simplicity and the way it's clean, but we'd also like to be able to play behind the hood.

3015: I needs to be more light - now it consumes too much CPU and GPU... We want speed not special effects.

Get rid of 3D stuff, clean your code and make it lighter and smoother.

3016: I played with G3 but my hardware couldn't support it for long, kept crashing. the G2 fallback just doesn't cut it. Went back to pure G2 ui.

Make it easier to detect compatible hardware without having to actually run it.

3017: more customization abilities

3018: ? ? ?

Good Work keep going.

3019: Improved conformance to the HIG - functions rather than app names for example (photo manager, not "shotwell") though it's not clear where GNOME ends and Fedora begins, so who'se not HIG compliant?

Implement a high performance software compositor - for drop shadows and simple 2.5D effects (not wobbly windows).

Break the games menu into categories

Gnome 3 interface has already been criticized for the issues I have with it by high profile people.

I would like to add that I'm not happy with the requirement for 3D capable hardware - I've got an NV44A and it didn't work for the F15 test using nouveau.

That old notion that the corners of the screen are easy to access and should "do something" is not widely used because it's stupid - the UI needs to be visually intuitive, not an east mouse target. Besides, it's an impossible touch target.

3020: much, much better helpscreens
better screensaver options
Why o why did you drop same-gnome for swell foop? That is when things started to go downward.

Thank you!

3021: - Bring back the application menu instead of the "buttons / favorites".
- Make it possible to add things to the panels (I don't need the clock taking up 80% of my wide screen monitor.)
- Reinstate the close button on the notification area. When I have seen the message I want it to stop hiding portions of the screen. Hiding it on mouse over is just cruel and stupid.

The computer is not a tablet or phone. I have all three and use them for different things. They have different presentation models for a reason - productivity. So please bring back the configurability of the panels, Please bring back the application menu or more ideally something like mint-menu styled in gnome 3 style.

3022: Improved/Robust integration with online services, such as in mobile devices.
Integrated DLNA support (basically better Rygel support/UI).
Better tools to customize UI. Support for bundled themes as before (Gnome Shell Theme+Metacity Theme+Icon Themes+Fonts+Cursors+Wallpapers)

Love Gnome 3. It strikes a good balance between eye candy and functionality. The availability of good shell extensions and shell themes will take Gnome 3 ahead of competing projects and should be actively supported.

3023: I much prefer the 2.x behavior and having the close, minimize, maximise buttons along with desktop icons etc.

My favorite environments before Gnome were Sun's Opendesktop (Openlook)
, CDE and finally one of my all time favorites the SGI indigo magic desktop.

3024: Make it look and feel more professional (default GNOME 3 theme looks far less professional than GNOME 2, KDE or Unity).

Simplify interface without making users feel stupid (this can be hard to do).

Focus on making things work intuitively rather than adding more features.

3025: Not everyone is currently using, or even planning to switch to, a tablet or a touchscreen device. Some of us crusty old curmudgeons like our neatly-organized hierarchical menus and our multiple monitors. Please keep us in mind too as GNOME evolves; not necessarily as the typical or default user, but at least as an important use case.


3026: 1. Fork 2.x
2. Maintain that fork
3. Build a community around that fork

Gnome 3 is dead. No one likes it, no one wants it. It makes what used to be easy hard, and what used to be mildly complex impossible. It is trying to copy mobile OS UIs and Mac OSX yet will never run on any of those because Android, MS and Apple have that market sewn shut.

Howver, my current WM is XFCE and I use LMDE because I'm simply tired of all this idiocy. I just want to be able to work without worrying if I'll be able to use the next iteration of the lunacy that is Gnome 3.

3027: Make it similar to KDE

I would like them to cooperate more with KDE guys

3028: File save dialog. If I have home > user > subdir, and I click user, subdir is still highlighted. I see the contents of ~user, but the saved file still ends up in subdir.

Keyboard shortcut management is retarded. Why am I limited to 10 custom shortcuts that I have to enter from gconf-editor? (Admittedly I may be a little out of date here).

Why was the open terminal action removed from nautilus's right click menu? I always install nautilus-open-terminal.

3029: GNOME 3 having a closer resemblance to my GNOME 2.32 desktop

Add some of the GNOME 2.X functionality into the new desktop

3030: - improve window management with (better) support for tiling, and tabbling (like ion3)

- improve the command utility (alt-F2) so that it supports things like e-mail, ssh, web, searching through file contents etc.

- improve control from keyboard: simple things like using tab to navigate in the alt-f1 menu

3031: 1. Give option to easily (without meddling for hours) mimic old (Gnome 2) look&feel.
2. Join efforts with Unity.
3. Make everything at least basically configurable (I can't even change fonts by default).

Keep up the good work.

3032: Keep Gnome a simple, fast, usable, intuitive & clean DE with classical menu.

Listen to what the users want. Don't change things just for the sake of doing something new which is probably 'exciting' from the view of a programmer/developer, but frustrating for day to day users. Fix inconsistencies!

3033: Fix Alt-Tab, the new behavior makes it impossible to work with multiple windows at in the same application at the same time.

I have had to abandon the WM due to this issue

I appreciated your attempt to move things forward and improve the UI, destroying old functionality like a LIFO Alt-Tab makes all that hard work useless for power users.

Please consider your long term users when making changes, I know things will change but you have completely alienated the power user with the latest modifications on hot-keys that have been in place for 25 years.

XFCE is ugly, but it lets me get work done.

3034: A set menu bar as an option, similar to the great layout in gnome 2; gnome has great system management apps, but they can be difficult to find if you can't remember their names.
Better integration with older/less 3d capable installations/hardware.

A dock bar is a great step forward as long as it is fully customizable. You should be able to place it anywhere, with any skin and should be easy to change.

3035: I understand where we are heading with Gnome 3. Ease of use, and user-friendliness is important, but not at the cost of general usability & functionality. A lot of people have been using GNOME for years to get their work done and we should not try to attract new users at the expense of these loyal power users. To me, it seems like GNOME 3 is heading in the way where there is lesser (little?) control over the desktop for the power users, and that is something that can hurt the project in the longer run...

3036: - make nautilus more powerful (for instance to move files around).
- provide a professional looking theme + icon set
- fix what's broken in Gnome 2 (icons moving around in the panel unless they are individually attached to the panel)

3037: Desktop handling (though Ubuntu's implentation of Gnome-Shell in 11.10 seems to handle this just fine), customizability (or at least improve the extensions handling..they break if you look sideways at them) and I wish the Gnome Devs respected user choice more rather than taking more of an "Apple" approach (dunno if that point counts but oh well..)

Please allow more options and leeway to Gnome users.Despite the sluggishness and relative bloat of Gnome 2 (not to mention starting to look very outdated), it had heaps of choice and users loved that IMO. Or, at least improve Fallback mode and make it a good alternative.
I understand the idea of tight intergration and I appreciate that but not at the cost of features and easy customizations. I think there needs to be a balance, for example I think this is something KDE does well.It's mostly easy (both on the eye and use), powerful and can be anything you like while still being unmistakably KDE.

Extensions will help...but I think more attention to them will be needed rather than a half-assed approach. Thank you.

3038: restore all configuration options from Gnome2

3039: get rid of gnome 3 as it is currently being developed and continue gnome 2 or make gnome 3 like gnome 2

call it quits on gnome 3

3040: wider adoption :)
more development focused on apps

keep up the great work

3041: Thank you

3042: make gnome3 look like gnome2

Some people aren't using tablets

3043: 1. Bring it back to Gnome 2.
2. Work extensively on the looks, make it insanely pretty.
3. For the love of good get rid of Gconf and implement settings files instead. It didnt work for Microsoft, it dont work for Microsoft now and it sure do not make my life as a 3000+ Linux Users admin any easier. Scripting for it is a living nightmare.

I have a strong feeling you forsake your current users wholesale for the sake of new users. As soon as those new users "grow up" they will go away too. Gnome 3 made me finally switch away after having been a daily Gnome user since 1999.

3044: 1. Configurable laptop lid close response
2. Applets for the panel
3. Themes

3045: Gnome 3 is completely unusable to me. I don't even own any hardware that it will run on.

Stop trying to make Gnome look like Windows or a Mac. As ESR put it, you have jumped the shark.

3046: Simpler hotspot creation, easier firewall and SELinux interfaces.

Keep up the good work!

3047: Drop Gnome Shell
Drop Gnome Shell
Drop Gnome Shell

Drop Gnome Shell

3048: Gnome 3 has lost the platform part of gnome (re that google rant from last week), want gnome shell to be not integrated with window manager and have a clear api for modification.

developer documentation is more than just doxygen/gtk-doc, the gnome developer site is a good start.

3049: Make it look better, make it run fast, make it resource light.

Thanks for the free desktop and alternative choice.

3050: Availability: Get it included into more distros
Resources: Slim down the desktop even more
Perception: Change the image that Gnome is more dificult to work with

Keep up the good work. Gnome continues to improve. The complaints I hear now are much like the Gnome 2.0 ones I heard several years ago, there are just more voices now.

3051: Make it a mix between old gnome2 and new gnome3.

Make it even more modular, so that parts of it I can use on XFCE

3052: Provide native tilled manager function in gnome.

3053: Gnome 3.0 and 3.2 is a disaster and the team of Gnome should recognize that, with this new "interface" they are not giving innovation, they are giving is a disaster

They should listen its user if they want to going to be alive or anyway may be someone will fork 2.32 as a new project like what happened to OpenOffice, gnome 3.0 and 3.2 is just a mess and it doesn't benefit anyone on the comunity, may be which will make users change to Microsoft or even to Mac.

3054: Only one thing for me.... Provide the capability to use GNOME 2x and 3x until 3x matures.

I think that most GNOME users understand that GNOME 3.x will eventually mature to the point that moving to 3.x will not produce many complaints.

3055: A start button that I could make appear when I want it to. Just in case I might need it or for when I put it on a computer and someone needs something familiar.

3056: taskbar with awn dock, bottom panel must be an awn dock
better file dialogs and file manager, gtk file dialog is the worst
copying mac is bad

more config options, control center is horrible, isn't useful.
select interface layout from preferences, e.g. gnome shell, gnome2

3057: Use less resources

3058: Allow advanced options, even if you have to hid them from basic users. Even if it means clicking a button pulls up the config file in a text editor.
Don't be afraid to borrow the best ideas of other shells, be it OS X, Windows, KDE, or whatever.
Mainline features provided by modern graphics cards. Soon, they'll be the low-end cards that everyone will have access to.

Build a better shell than Unity, with a way for apps written to it to work with what you do. Even if that means swallowing some of what Canonical has done that you don't like. Get rid of your NIH egos.

3059: 1. Customisability in GNOME3
2. Relationship with major distros
3. Speed

3060: Make gnome-screensaver behave better with compiz, evolution-alarm-notify, and remote desktop servers; improve focus stealing prevention; and allow setting a default size for gnome-terminal.

Don't change things just for the sake of change; Microsoft and Apple do enough of that for everyone. Listen to the users. I haven't used Gnome 3 yet, but I like what I've read about it. I'm just not sure why so many others hate it.

3061: 1) No focus stealing in dialogs or when opening applications.
2) Open application windows in the same workspace as they were started.
3) Use some kind of secure system dialogs for dialogs asking for root password, to avoid phishing.
4) A graphical way to tweak policykit permissions.

Don't expect you're doing it right just because you say "UX" in all places to win a discussion.
Thanks for your work.

3062: I honestly can't think of anything - it all does what I need it to do. I just migrated my system to LinuxMint r11 (katya) after being disappointed by Ubuntu 11.10 and the unity interface. I could not locate certain applications and utilities and the desktop quite unexpectedly went blank on day 2 with it. I felt that the icons in unity were far too large and that the interface was actually more difficult to use. The LinuxMint desktop seems fresh & crisp in comparison so I hope (pray) that you keep it that way.

Only one item but it's kind of big - I'd love something akin to Rainmeter or Desktop Samurize which is used in Windows to create custom desktop data feedback. Conky is real good for this but not quite as versatile.

You are doing good work, please don't let negativity spoil your vision of where the user interface can go.

3063: Stubborness, default looks, monolithic evolution PIM.

Thanks for your hard work, but it seems GNOME 3 isn't really suited for me. Will give it a go once it lands in Debian Testing.

3064: Replace gconf-editor with something usable by mortals.
Improve zoom in evince.
Make it work on Windows?

Please document more.
But thanks - it's pretty cool really.

3065: Give me back edge flipping!

Give me back edge flipping!

Give me back edge flipping!

Give me back edge flipping!

3066: - keep the gnome 2.x interface
- better configuration support
- make sure it stays desktop-oriented
my desktop is not a phone.

I'm fine with you providing a simpler interface by default, but please allow me the option to tweak it without having to recompile or switch window managers.

3067: reduce memory footprint

more agressive optimization

gnome-shell in non-3D mode

3068: A little more of customization available out of box in gnome-shell:
- always hide an application in searchs and another list for apps in dash
- remembering or configuration of which windows/apps are in each screen and each dashboard
- hide some windows

3069: 1) a package i can install that allows me to tweak ALL appearance options. I was fully expecting gnome's appearance manager to add options not remove them. If devs don't think they need to be included by default that's fine but i want an official full featured package available.
2) the ability to tweak other organizational items like the applications directory listing. why can;t i set up rows and columns or sections with the categories and elements chosen by me? just one example. rename, resize, drag and drop locations for layout, option to make it sticky on all elements. if it's java then all this is possible. make it only available when gnome desktop tweaker app is running so there's not constant overhead.
3) now that i'm running 3.2 i'm suddenly aware that certain apps have conflicts with each other or gnome 3.2. I think it has to do with the fact that my workflow is much more flexible and i don't have to do things in a restrictive order. gnome has to make it easier for 3rd party app devs to keep up and has to mitigate conflicts when they do arise and handle it very slickly. preferably with bug report functionality for the 3rd party apps built in for non technical users to be able to say"i don't know what just happened, but gnome does and yes i'd like to report it"

see above

3070: -Give the option to use a GNOME 2 environment. I can't work in a streamlined way in GNOME 3.
-Enable customization options using a GUI. I can't even set an ntp server in the current clock. Or set the correct time by the way...
-Desktop items. Please bring those back. It works for everyone, period.
And after so many years, it's time to fix their arrangement.

Please don't remove "choice". Having options is what made me move to Linux in first place. GNOME 3 turns the desktop into an iPod: "This is it and you can't change anything because it's not really yours".

3071: In gnome-shell, i would want :
- the former theme changer
- a more speed solution to swap beetween 2 apps. The "activities" are not very easy

But the look est better.

keep it simple stupid. Your new DE is very intelligent. Very complicated. You need a documentation.

RTFM is not the best way to convince a basic user.

3072: should be usable only with the mouse
the application window list is essential
make the application starter ( toolbar, app. menu) smaller

Needs more configuration options. Dissapointed with Gnome >= 3.0

3073: 1) Standardize simple metaphors and handling thereof more closely with other desktop environments -- I don't care who's "right", this is for the good of the community

2) Take user experience regression more seriously -- evolution over revolution

3) Take power users more seriously -- you shouldn't simplify something if you don't first code a way to de-simplify it while retaining equivalent functionality

3074: When windows are maximized, the top menu bar should be integrated with the window as shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsZvwyxJ9vk.

In its current form, gnome 3.0 uses wastes too much space for the window decoration. On very large screens this might be acceptable, but on smaller machines this is pretty crummy.

Also, the intelligent window launcher from the above video where the launcher window transforms into the window you want to open, that is pretty nice, but I'm imagining that would be very difficult to implement, specifically for windows using a different ui toolkit like qt, motif, etc.

3075: -Compiz support for GNOME 3 would be nice.

-Setting the GTK and Metacity/Mutter themes, icon themes, cursor themes, fonts, shell theme (if the extension is installed), etc from the control centre (basically, bring back full appearance customization without having to rely on a separate tool, GNOME Tweak Tool)

-Possibly make some way to override font face and sizes, application view icons size, etc in Shell themes without having to edit the theme code directly

See the above mentioned changes. As far as I'm concerned, there's very little else I can think of that really could use some work, everything else seems to be quite polished and what might seem to stand out a little is probably due to older (GTK2) applications that haven't been updated to work with GNOME Shell and GTK3 yet.

As far as my day-to-day use goes, I've gotten quite comfortable with GNOME 3 and would find it difficult to go back to GNOME 2

3076: Number 1 is more extensive systems settings, having to download Gnome Tweak Tool just to conveniently manage basic preferences is annoying. Having to use gconf to change things Tweak Tool doesn't handle is just painful.

Navigation in the overlay should make use of left and right as well as up and down arrow keys. This would feel much more natural as icons are arranged in a grid and not only a list.

Put shutdown back in the menu. I'm using an extension to add it in now but not having is just weird.

Gnome users don't need to be babysat. Don't hide configuration options in order to be simpler because that just makes it harder to do non-simple things.

3077: Please keep GNOME 2.x layout as an option

3078: Better window management. Perhaps include a tiling window manager.

Session control hasn't worked properly since 1.x.

When everyone ends up either installing a third party extension which fixes the UI or gives up on Gnome, perhaps it is time to make those extensions first-party and non-optional, rather than fighting them.

3079: Better customizability
More usage flexability

Don't treat all users like morons -- give allowances for power users that want out of the "easy way"

3080: More straight-forward interaction via command line tools (e.g., how do I logout without the GUI? Why can't I control NetworkManager without the GUI?)
Better support for alternate window management schemes (tiling window managers, touch screens, etc)

3081: faster,
less extensible (in favor of speed/robusntess)

my girlfriend recently had issues with the maximize/minimize/close buttons disappearing from her (gnome 2.x) windows ... it was something about compiz but we never could figure it out and wound up changing the configuration entirely. Gnome seems to be prioritizing "customize your look and feel" which feels dated in the era where an operating system and it's GUI are just the scaffolding for the web-browser, where the magic happens. I think gnome needs to focus on being consistent, robust, and fast, above being "skin"-able and customizable. i mean, the real lesson to learn from Apple isn't that you should look just like a mac - it's that if you only give people one uption, but that option works really well, they'll stop complaining.

3082: Add more user settings
Improve js modules developer documentation
Improve keyboard control (browsing through windows in shell view,...)

3083: 1. Make a better overview over the currently opened applications. Before you could always see what was open in the gnome-panel, so maybe something slight different, but still satisfying for the power users.

2. Enable standard buttons like the mute button, power off button etc.
How is normal users supposed to do these things as it is now?

3. There is no 3 :)

3084: stay away from the fucking icon bullshit

3085: scrap Gnome3 (since no one need a smartphone interface on a desktop) and improve Gnome2 :P

3086: - give me back the panel as a first class citizen (then again, I probably just miss the Ubuntu customizations, so I should be complaining there).

3087: Hard to say. I'm not sure what the boundary is between GNOME and a window manager. Mainly my complaints are about selecting text on the screen or in a browser navigation bar so I can delete it. I think I've selected the text to delete, only to have it seem to snap and select everything EXCEPT what I want to delete. Is that GNOME or something else? Mostly I just want GNOME to stay largely the same. I like the cascading menu scheme and panel with shortcuts.

3088: better window control

3089: 1. Make dusl monitors work on openSuSE with Compiz under GNOME again.
2. Make GNOME developers sit in a room and quietly watch their GUI be UI tested.
3. Keep a fork of GNOME 2.

An iGNOME for the iPAD market is a nice idea, so is clutter. Make it optional, though. Please remember that your lead designer's itches are not yours and you don't have to scratch his because he says so.

3090: . More control of the font used to label icons. It would be nice if you could use the "Appearance" prefs tool to alter the font colour and background colour of the icon label. I know you can dig into the gtkrc file but it's a bit of a hassle.

Not really except that I've been using Gnome since a bunch of us realised it was better than the CDE on our Solaris boxes back in the day. Never felt the need to move to anything else since. Keep up the good work.

3091: more unity customization

3092: Just want Gnome 2.x version unchanged, I don't like Gnome 3 at all.

There's not need to fix what isn't broken :)

3093: * replace pulse with jack
* make alsa settings available in volume-control behind "low-level-settings" or such
* "advanced settings" buttons everywhere - everybody loves them: n00bs have a safe-feeling not touching them, pros have a cozy feeling messing around, feeling pro

"advanced settings" buttons everywhere - everybody loves them: n00bs have a safe-feeling not touching them, pros have a cozy feeling messing around, feeling pro

3094: I wish it was still easily available for Ubuntu!

Thank you!

3095: ALL THE DAMN DESIGN TEAM -- Seriously, are they just making changes to justify their existence or just trying to piss on the world's desktops?

Get your heads out of your asses and see how REAL PEOPLE are actually using the damn desktop. We're fucking ex-windows XP users (seriously, most of us) -- Get with the program, I'm sticking with 2.x until you've washed the fecal matter from your heads that is 3.x

3096: - Make it load faster
- Make it print money
- Translate my wife speech from what she says to what she means

GNOME rocks! Keep up the good work!

3097: Allow customizations - I should be able to move the menu bar from the top to the bottom if I want!

Bring back some way to keep track of open applications, like the taskbar. If I switch to a new window, then I am likely to forget about other windows that I had open.

Click an icon and a program opens, but click it again and it switches focus to that program instead of opening a second instance....WTF?? Shouldn't consistency be one of the goals for any user interface?

Seriously - stop trying to make a one size fits all environment for desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.

3098: Do not try to copy MAC OS GUI or new Windows GUI. It takes a lot of resources, delivers nothing, and confuses to no end. Stay true to what's good.

3099: 1. introduce "expert mode" settings where ever possible
2. make internals accessible again (nowadays wanting to tweak the system - or better said "desktop" - feels more and more like windows registry hunting)
3. stop dumbing down application interfaces

In recent years the tendency of GNOME seems to be to more and more focus on computer-illiterate users, which in itself is fine but is problematic if the average expert is left behind. I'd go for OSX if I wanted no possibilities. KDE does better in this aspect (but has other problems which is why I still use GNOME).

On the other hand most stuff "just works" most of the time. Which is great. But if I could make stuff work "my way" easier where I want it (as in the good old days) it would be even better.

3100: name, logo, leadership

it's pointless, hey can't even fix a 5 year old bug

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